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Sunita Pawar

Sunita P.


Master of science @ University of Pune Bachelor of science @ university of pune

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Hi! I’m Sunita, and I have taught Statistics to students for over 6 years.


Are you interested in knowing how soccer scores of different players are compared over several matches? Do you want to learn to estimate the rate of risk in offering a business loan? Statistics is a subject that helps in making many decisions and I enjoy introducing my students to such concepts.


I’ve been always interested in participating in academic endeavors beyond my curriculum. This propelled me to work on 2 college-level statistics projects and acquired knowledge of Analytics training related to prediction data analysis. Besides, I have worked on software like R, Excel minor, MINITAB, MATLAB, Base SAS.

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Teaching Experience

My endeavors are to make my students feel comfortable around the subject and feel ready to take up new challenges. Therefore, I explain topics supported with examples from everyday life that make students intrigued.


My process to handle topics is to explain the concept, show step-by-step problem-solving ways, and then ask my students to solve problems themselves. I make sure they stay motivated and help them improve their performance through necessary corrections.


It is a joy to see my students enjoy learning statistics and improve their understanding in every session. That is why I aspire to make each class valuable to my students.

My Expertise

Top subjects

Theory of Probability

Classical definition of probability,permutation ,combination, Bayes law , Rules of probability like addition rule,independent events rule,multiplication rule,complement rule ,conditional probability,tree diagram,sensitivity ,specificity,

Charts and Diagrams

Histogram, boxplot, stem-leaf chart, pie-chart, scatter diagram,barchart,

Percentiles and Quartiles

Finding 5-number summary, Boxplot, relation between percentiles, quartiles and deciles ,finding percentile,quartiles, percentile rank when data given


Finding mean with grouped data, ungrouped data


To find Median when even order data given m and when odd order data given.

t, F, Z Distributions

T and Z are normally distributed distributions while F is positively skewed .When sample standard deviation given use t -test, when population standard deviation given use Z test in hypothesis testing and finding confidence interval,To check equality of variance use F test.

Chi Square Distributions

Chi-square is positively skewed distribution.Chi-square test are used to test independance, goodness of fit, test of homogeneity.

Correlation, Regression

scatter plot, correlation coefficient, strength of correlation, regression equation, testing regression coefficient (slope) ,to test best model fit.


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