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Apart from teaching i am very happy to do terrace gardening ,art and craft ,cooking in my free time .I used to attend the workshops of terrace gardening and different kinds of craft making.

I can Teach:

Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Statistics, Basic Operations, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry, Decimals

Teaching Experience

My name is Supriya Suman ,with 10+ year’s of experience in teaching mathematics as a lecturer and teacher. Over the years I have taught hundreds of students with different levels, different nationalities and backgrounds. Presently I am resided in Bangalore. My strengths as a teacher lie in my ability to break down complex mathematical concepts into smaller parts that are easier to understand, as well as adapting the way a problem can be explained/solved based on how each student learns.

My Expertise

Top subjects


I love to teach trigonometry with charts ,worksheets and my students finds easy to learn trigonometry basics ,ratios ,standard angles ,trigonometrical identities with me.


This is again my favorite topic to teach with connecting with the basics of geometry .I love to teach angles ,different types of angles with transversal ,triangles ,quadrilaterals ,polygons ,circles ,2d shapes and numericals related to this.

Differential Calculus

I am well worsed in teaching limits ,continuity ,differentiation of different basic functions ,differention rules ,chain rule and wide variety of numericals.


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Terri L.

21 Nov, 2019

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Will use again

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Mike W.

25 Sep, 2019

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Amazing help

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17 Sep, 2019

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