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Surangma Sharma

Surangma S.


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery @ Rajasthan University of Health Sciences

About me

I'm a medical doctor based in India. In my spare time, I read fiction books or play chess. I also enjoy writing and painting, and do it often. I love the vastness of medical science and I keep myself updated on its advancements to keep my lessons interesting. 

I can Teach:

Anatomy, Animalia, Ap-Biology, Basics of Cell Biology, Basics of Ecology , Basics of Genetics , Basics of Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Cell Biology , Ecology, Evolution, Genetics , Genetics, Human Physiology

Teaching Experience

I'm a dedicated tutor with over seven years of experience in providing academic support to my peers. Right from the school days, I had the privilege of teaching science to my juniors. When I was in college, I learned how vital group studies are in exhaustive fields like medical science. It gave me an opportunity to teach and learn with my colleagues. I've also guided students for national-level medical entrance exams in India, after which they secured admission to top medical colleges. As part of an initiative in college, I taught basic science to underprivileged kids. Currently, I'm tutoring on various international websites with an exceptional content feedback score. I have helped students at all levels ranging from K-12 to college. I focus on the underlying concepts and simplify them for my students which boosts their self-confidence and develops critical thinking. I ignite a passion for learning in my students and help them to master study skills. I will help you walk through Biology, Chemistry, Basic Science, and Medical Science subjects with the greatest ease. I can assist you with your homework/assignments, basic queries/doubts, and test preparation so you don't find yourself struggling alone. I can also assist you with universal study issues like memory aids for difficulty in remembering facts and figures, time management, beating procrastination, staying disciplined, and overcoming the fear of failure.  I focus on creating an academic environment where learning is fun and meaningful. I'm skilled, friendly, and reliable, and I guarantee quality work. Let's kick-start to maximize your academic potential and attaining an edge over your peers.

My Expertise

Top subjects

Science Basics

My scientific temper and curious nature hooked me to this subject as soon as it was introduced to me in school. In high school, I taught Basic Science to elementary and middle school students. I was also a part of an initiative in college that involved teaching Basic Science to underprivileged kids.


Biology is the branch of science which deals with life - it is as fascinating as it sounds. I had the privilege of learning from the most amazing Biology teachers who developed an immense love for the subject in me. As I've majored in medical science, Biology forms the base of my education. I've also taught Biology to my peers. At present, I'm tutoring the subject to international students on various websites.

Body Systems

Body Systems is the study of the group of organs that work together and ensure normal body functioning. My medical background makes me a competent tutor. If you're stuck with any of the systems, I'm the right person to connect to.


I've been tutoring Chemistry on various online platforms, and have received countless upvotes and positive feedbacks. You're instantly hooked by Chemistry if you're taught by the right teacher. I use unique teaching methods aiming to simplify Chemistry topics right from the basics to Stoichiometry, Atomic Structure, The Periodic Table, States of Matter, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Redox reactions, and Biomolecules.

States of Matter

Matter is all around us. I know of simple ways in which it could be understood by just anyone. I have received much appreciation from the students seeking to learn States of Matter and Gas Laws.

Cell Biology

As the cell is a fundamental unit of life, so is Cell Biology a fundamental aspect of medical learning. I have comprehensive knowledge of the subject since I've been constantly pursuing it from high school to medical school, and thereafter.

Human Physiology

I've studied Human Physiology extensively in the first year of medical school along with exhaustive lab practicals. My teaching is inspired by a mentor who made me see Human Physiology as beautiful, interconnected stories being unraveled right before our eyes. 


I've taught Genetics to my batchmates. I've also tutored Genetics to a great number of students on online platforms. I can quickly turn your hatred for Genetics into a passion for learning it more. 


Evolution is the story of the origin of life. I've been in love with the topic right from the beginning. I guarantee that learning it from me would take you on an enthralling journey.

Life Sciences

Life sciences deal with the study of living organisms. Medical school has provided me with the conceptual knowledge of Biology, Medicine, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Physiology which form an integral part of life sciences.

Basics of Ecology

As Evolution tells us about the origin of life, Ecology tells us about the sustenance of life on Earth. I'm a strong proponent of environment conservation and expertise in Ecology is its foremost need.  


I can tell you fun ways to understand, correlate and remember information related to the microorganisms. I have several years of experience in teaching Microbiology to my peers.


I learned Pharmacology in-depth and also prepared medicinal drugs in college. The knowledge I gained allows me to teach Microchemistry with prowess.


Medical school has given me expertise in genetic engineering which is a core principle of Biotechnology. If you have any doubts regarding recombinant DNA technology or gene therapy, I'd be happy to help.


Anatomy is the study of structures in the body. I have been teaching Anatomy since my first year of medical school. I have also solved the Anatomy doubts of countless students online. At the end of the lesson, you'd be able to visualize the body structures in your mind.


Immunology deals with the study of the immune system. It is a sought-after branch as emerging therapeutics depends on the advancements in immunology. I follow medical journals and keep myself updated on the advancements. 


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