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suresh chand

Suresh c.


Btech @ Nit uttarakhand

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I belong from maniya dholpur father is a farmer and my mother is housewife.there is noone in my do study before me .but my father decided to study me so he sent me kota for preparation of jee .I got not uttarakhand with civil engineering branch I have completed my btech this year may 2018.I like to play cricket.

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Overall my teaching experience till now very good.I always try to give my 100 percent .while teaching maths I never feel boating.

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Top subjects


Algebra Is very uderstable subject if one can open his mind and understand fully.


Geometry is very similar and very easy to understand.I have good knowledge in circle straight line.

Probability and Statistics

Probability is very basic subject you need to understand the basic theorem of probability. In this topic knowledge of cubes and playing card is important.important topic is Bayes theorem.

Differential Calculus

Differentiation is very important in problem solving of physics and other general we can know the deferentiation of basic function properties of differentiation and then we will calculate maxima minima using differentiation and more.

Integral Calculus

In this we will know basic properties of integral and we will define relationship between differentiation and integration.

Linear Algebra

Linear algebra here we study properties of matrix and determinants.then we study how to solve linear system of equation.

Basic Geometry

This is very easy topic .you can understand easily.

Integral Equation

Here we first study how to find degree and order of differential equation.then how to find differential equation.after that we will see method of solving differential equation.

Factors & Multiples

Measurements are also a general topic. We can learn it by geometry easily.


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