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sushovan shit

Sushovan s.


B.Tech @ Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College

About me

Outside school i love to play computer games, loves to eat different cusines etc.

I can Teach:

Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Precalculus, Linear Algebra, Arithmetic, Pre Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Estimation, Basic Operations, Fractions, Factors & Multiples, Programming in C, C++, Databases, OSi and TCP/IP Models

Teaching Experience

I completed my computer science engineering graduation in 2019. I am very much experienced in the teaching field because most of the time in my college when the semester exams used to begin all my friends used to sit together and I explain the subject and my friends feel more comfortable with my guidelines to understand the subject. Besides that I used to work as TA under my professor to assist in the academic work. These are my experiences in graduation.

My Expertise

Top subjects

Algebra Basics

I love to teach algebra like equations, variables, functions, graphs, and more.


I love to teach the concepts of 7 layers of OSI model and how they are interconnected with each other etc.


I love to teach the causes of deadlock, how it can be prevented and how can it be avoided. I am well acquainted with the Bankers algorithm too.

Stacks and Queues

I am well knowledgeable about stacks and queue and different types of problems associated with them and where they are used like in postfix evaluation etc.


Trees are the most important types of data structures and there are a lot of tricky problems associated with a tree ds.


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