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Talha KB

Talha K.


Bachelor of Science @ University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Diploma of Sciences @ Government Degree College Shujabad

About me

Well. Outside the university, I try to find some ways of earning. This is my main priorities to fulfill my study cost. And i also try to learn some computer software like computer languages, designing although this is not my field but i am learning them because they have scope. And besides studies, I am a good player of Pubj mobile, lol. I was also a part of my college football team. And yes chess by favorite game, i often spend hours on it.

I can Teach:

Physics, Electricity, Optics, Kinematics , Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics , Wave Mechanics, Electricity, Work and Energy, Physical Sciences, Thermodynamics , Fluid Mechanics

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching for last 5 years. I worked in AL-Khair academy Lahore for about one year. I also give students home tuition. And my best thing is that i teach the student in a friendly environment so he/she can understand the concept because I always focus on clearing the concept. Besides my teaching career which is a part-time job for me, i am doing mechanical engineering from one of the top university of Pakistan. I have good concept of courses related to Maths and Physics. I also have good command on some computer software like Microsoft Office, Matlab, Auto-Cad and Solid-works. In short, i can assist you in many fields at a time. And I am sure you will also like my way of teaching.

My Expertise

Top subjects


I have done deep study on trigonometry. I like this course because you just need to use formulas and some tricks.

Algebra Basics

I have good knowledge of algbra and algebra of school and college are very easy for me.


Well, Algebra is one of those subjects I can confidently say i am expert of this. i have worked a lot on algebra and have good knowledge of it.

Differential Equation

Expert of this subject, know well differential formulas and also how to apply them.


Main subject of mechanical engineering and also my preferred subject during college studies. I almost have good command on every branch of Physics.


I have studied chemistry (organic, inorganic) in my college studies. And i have strong concepts of it.

Fluid Mechanics

I have studied this course deeply in my 4th semester of mechanical engineering.

Work and Energy

Anything related to mechanical engineering is my strength. As this is the basic of mechanical engineering i have good knowledge of it.


Main subject of mechanical engineering. That's why i have deep knowledge and good concepts of this subject.


I am also a good English writer. I often work online on editing, remove plagiarism, formatting and much more.

Fluid Mechanics

I have studied this course deeply in my 5th semester of mechanical engineering.

Strength of Materials

I have studied this course deeply in my 4th semester of mechanical engineering.


I have studied this course deeply in my 2nd semester of mechanical engineering.

Fluid Dynamics

I have studied this course deeply in my 3th semester of mechanical engineering.

Theory of Probability

During my statistics course, I learned deep about probability. I have good grip on concepts of probability.

t, F, Z Distributions

I have done with these distributions and there charts during my statistics course.


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