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Tushar Singhal

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About me

Highly energetic and dedicated professional with rich experience in education field and organizational development. Proven record of professional accomplishments. Recognized by peers and seniors for performing in high-pressure environments and stressful situations against tight timelines. Apart from teaching, my interest areas include doing yoga, singing, reading anything meaningful, writing poems.

I can Teach:

Editing, Cover Letter, Personal Statement, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Business English, Business Communication, English

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching subjects VIA Tutions viz.English, Maths, Management, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Accounts, Economics, Communication Skills, Personality Development, Business Studies, Statistics, upto 9th – all subjects. For 11th and 12th Standard – Commerce subjects. I have been actively taking classes on Communication Skills, Personality Development.

My Expertise

  • Editing
  • Cover Letter
  • Personal Statement

Top subjects

Programming in C, C++

I can make the concepts clear to the students.


I am good at suggesting corrections and making the text meaningful.

Cover Letter

I have the ability to create impression on the prospective employer by drafting an attractive cover letter

Personal Statement

It has to be very impressive and strong.

Conversational English (also Small Talk)

This goes a long way in creating a good impression.

Business English

This is very important for better future of the business.

Coefficient of Variance

This is an important concept of Statistics.


This concept is very important for comparison of sets of data.


This is important for dividing any group into two equal halves.


This is another important concept of statistics

Demand and Supply

These concepts are very important for clearly understanding the economics.

Price Elasticity

This concept is important to understand impact on demand in response to a change in own price of commodity.

Income Elasticity

This concept is important to understand impact on demand in response to a change in income of the consumer.

Cross Price Elasticity

This is another important concept of Economics.

Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

This is very important to understand the economics.

Organization Behavior

An important subject to build relationships by achieving people's and organisational objectives.


An important aspect to study and understand for achieving personal and professional goals.

Conflict and Negotiation

The concepts if understood well can be very beneficial for the organisational development.

Business Communication

This is very important for strong business footing.

Accounting Equation

An important concept to have good understanding of Accounts.

Accounting: Concepts and Principles

These concepts and principles help in clear understanding of Accounts.

Assets and Liabilities

These are very important concepts of accounts.

Trial Balance

Understanding of Trial balance is important for judging the arithmetic accuracy of accounts.


Understanding of this subject is important for being motivated and building up confidence.


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