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Umang saini

Umang s.


Bachelors in Physical Therapy @ Post graduate institute of Medical Education And Research

About me


Hi! I’m Umang. I am a physiotherapist who loves to teach Biology.


The human body is composed of over 200 types of cells with various systems like the circulatory, nervous systems, etc. I found this interesting and hence, chose to study it in-depth.


Teaching became my hobby when I taught several of my classmates and juniors in school. 5 years back, I took it up professionally and since then, have been teaching students online.

I can Teach:

Anatomy, Animalia, Basics of Cell Biology, Basics of Ecology , Basics of Genetics , Basics of Human Physiology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology , Ecology, Evolution, Genetics , Human Physiology , Immunology, Life Sciences, Living World

Teaching Experience

I like to keep a cordial and positive atmosphere in my classes and give students the freedom to ask questions and express themselves. I explain the topics in spoken language in order to avoid the complexity of the terminologies and make it easier for students to decipher.


My goal is to explain the concepts clearly so as to help students grasp easily and remember them for life. A stress-free written exam is the key. 


Connect with me at TutorEye and allow me to explain the concepts via diagrams, charts, pictures, and many relatable examples.

My Expertise

  • Anatomy
  • Animalia
  • Basics of Cell Biology

Top subjects

Science Basics

From my school days, I have always loved science as it's based on logic and not facts. I have studied science from class 1st to 12th and would love to help you with it. Any doubt related to any topic in science, just ping me up.


I had a Biology major in grades 11th and 12th. On top of that, I have a medical degree. I am a physiotherapist by profession. I have more than 5 years of tutoring experience and have studied this subject since my school days.

Body Systems

I am a qualified physiotherapist and would be happy to help you with anything related to the human body.

Animal Facts

I can help you with Animal facts though I would recommend you to schedule a class with prior intimation as it will help me serve you better.

Cell Biology

I would be really happy to help you with cell biology, its structures, cell division processes, and various other topics under this title.

Human Physiology

I feel I would be the perfect teacher to teach you physiology since I have a medical background myself.

Basics of Ecology

I can teach ecology though I would recommend you to schedule a class with prior intimation as it will help me serve you better.

Basics of Cell Biology

I have more than 5 years of biology tutoring experience, so just ping me up for any of your doubts.

Basics of Human Physiology

I am a medical professional and have studied physiology extensively. I feel I can tutor you on this subject perfectly.


Being a physiotherapist, I have studied anatomy rigorously. Feel free to contact me with any of your doubts.

Conversational English (also Small Talk)

I tutor English on preply, superprofs, and also prepare people for IELTS. If you need a speaking buddy, don't think so much, just ping me up.


I love to teach English and I believe a strong vocabulary is a prerequisite to gain expertise in this language. With my years of tutoring experience in this subject, I feel that I am the most appropriate fit for you.


I'm a professional online English tutor with about 5 years of teaching experience. I have been fond of teaching ever since my childhood. I have taught numerous students all over the world. I love English. The performance of my students in the IELTS is a testimony of my teaching practices. All my students have loved my teaching style. For me, teaching is an art. It‘s about transferring my knowledge to you. I love to interact with my students so my classes are never boring. Feel free to message me and take a session with me.


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Yes I agree and once again thank you

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Chris W.

03 Jul, 2021

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Thank you Sooo much

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Chris W.

03 Jul, 2021

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Chris W.

20 Jun, 2021

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I love the tutor she is an amazing writer...... I recommend her to everyone...... Thank you soooooo much!!

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Chris W.

14 Jun, 2021

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