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Hello! My name is Vikash kumar, I have a post graduate Master's degree in Mathematics as well as I have bachelor's degree from National Institute of Technology,Durgapur , one of India's premier institutions for higher learning. I've been teaching physics for more than 9 years to high school kids and college students.I teach Mathematics for SAT/ACADEMIC/GRE.I love to sing and compose western & indian songs also I am keen to play badminton,Chess & Cricket.I love to meditate/Dhyan & to practice yogasana.I like to read spiritual books(VEDANTA/BHAKTI)

I can Teach:

Electricity, Optics, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Kinematics , Mechanics, Gravitation, Fluid Mechanics , Wave Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Earth Sciences , Work and Energy, Classical Physics, Quantum Physics

Teaching Experience

Confused in solving problems? Have an upcoming exam? Need to prepare for SAT or MCAT? Book a trial lesson! I am A dynamic Physics educator with more than 9 years career experience as a Physics Teacher, providing mathematics, physics expertise to undergraduate students.Excels in lecturing, test/exam administration and proctoring, and creative lesson plan development.Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills.Effective methodology. Innovative approach. Guaranteed result.

My Expertise

  • Electricity
  • Optics
  • Cosmology and Astronomy

Top subjects


I am expert in subjects related to electricity such as circuits, electronics, digital logic design,I can guide you in all problem in Electrical Engineering proficiently. Get detailed, step by step, understandable guidance in your problems. I have various shortcut methods for solving electrical circuit problems.


I am expert in subjects related to Wave Optics & Ray Optics .For every complicated problem, you will find a basic & shortcut approach for solution.I have 4+ years of relevant experience related to Ray & Wave Optics problems solving & assignment solving.


Kinematics is the study of motion without knowing the cause of the motion. If you really want to learn Physics in depth,then you must have command on kinematics . I have good command on Kinematics,Projectile Motion,Relative motion.I can really train you for solving kinematics problems by vector technique.


Entire Physics is based on the pillar " Mechanics". Come and learn entire mechanics fundamentals by an expertise with 9+ years of experience.


Gravitation is the physical phenomenon of mutual attraction of massive bodies. In the context of modern physics, gravitation is described by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity in terms of the curvature of the space-time continuum. General Relativity allows the description of problems in the presence of strong gravitational fields. A rigorous discussion of General Relativity uses advanced mathematical concepts from Differential Geometry and Tensor Calculus. In the special case of weak gravitational fields, such as the field near the surface of the Earth, Newton's Law of Gravitation (Principia, 1687) is sufficient for the accurate description of a wide range of physical phenomena. Many of those phenomena are the subject of homework and exam problems in introductory physics courses. I can teach & can solve assignments for SAT/MCAT level.

Fluid Mechanics

I have been tutor for Engineering Mechanics, Statics and dynamics, Fluid Mechanics. I have had very positive feedback from my students at the end of each course. You can try it once to see how we go. I am pretty sure you will be happy!!


If you wanna fall in love with Magnetism then I can help you fall in love with Magnetism.

Work and Energy

Work & Energy is the most crucial chapter for entire Physics,i can bet that you will enjoy alot!!


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