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vishesh bansal

Vishesh b.

Verified @ IP University

About me

I like to code and currently I am working as a part of performance team. Apart from coding I like to dive deep into the internals of the languages and the frameworks.

I can Teach:

Programming in java, jQuery Programming, PHP Programming

Teaching Experience

I have tutored several students online,increased their confidence and the provided fundamentals of the languages as internal working of the programming languages helps to write code in an efficient manner.

My Expertise

  • Programming in java
  • jQuery Programming
  • PHP Programming

Top subjects

Programming in java

I have been working on Java and different frameworks associated with java for 7 yrs now. Java is highly efficient and one needs to understand properly what one is coding otherwise there can be huge lagging in the software,

jQuery Programming

Jquery is such a powerful library that you can do magical things with it. It is like an inseparable part when talking about front-end.

PHP Programming

I started my carrier with PHP and it is very easy to learn yet very powerful language.


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