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Vivek Shilimkar

Vivek S.


Master of Science @ University of Pune

About me

I was a boy scout in my middle school and high school, during which I have been to many camps and trekking. Eventually, that became my hobby. So, I often go for trekking, where I camp most of the time. I also like to watch sunrises and sunsets from the top of the mountains.

I can Teach:

Earth Sciences , Science Basics, Environmental Science

Teaching Experience

I have worked as a TA in a high school in Japan during my Ph.D. My role was to teach science to Japanese students in the English language. Apart from that, I have been working as a Physics and Earth Science tutor for more than four years on other platforms.

My Expertise

  • Earth Sciences
  • Science Basics
  • Environmental Science

Top subjects

Science Basics

Climate Science, Atmospheric Science, Oceanography, Climate Change

Environmental Science

Environmental science, pollution, air quality


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