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yamini p yaminiyugandar

Yamini p.


Masters in computer science and technology @ Jawaharlal nehru technological university

About me

Students will enjoy my teaching way and how I give response to student requests. I used to give some sample programs and exercises after every topic. Ill show how the programs and logic work together practically. I love to teach students who have faith and trust in me. I will give assurance that my 100% efforts I put while teaching.

I can Teach:

Programming in C, C++, Programming in java, Programming in Python , HTML Programming, PHP Programming, HTML5 Programming, SQL/PSQL

Teaching Experience

I am P Yaminiyugandar from Bangalore city, india. I have done my masters with the specialization of computer science &technology. I used to deal with the subjects C,C++,Java,PHP, Python and html. I have an experience of 2 years in dealing with the above mentioned subjects along with the explanation and coding of real time projects in web development using above languages.

My Expertise

  • Programming in C
  • C++
  • Programming in java

Top subjects

HTML Programming

PHP mysqli_I have developed a real time project using HTML,CSS as a front end and developed web pages and used PHP as a server side scripting language ,used mysql as a database to organize data.


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