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1.Answer the following questions related to this data set. a. State the null hypothesis b. State the alternative hypothesis c. ...

lternative hypothesis c. What is the correlation between motivation and GPA? r = ____________________ direction ____________________ (positive or negative) strength ____________________ (weak, moderate, or strong) r 2 = ____________________ d. State your alpha level (most commonly used) ____________________ e. Give the p-value ____________________ f. What decision do you make relative to the null?
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3.Fox News recently reported the results of a public opinion poll on supporting Trump that asked: “Since he became the president, ...

Since he became the president, did President Trump act with the transparency and the integrity that you expect from a president?” 675 voters responded the poll and 351 responded “YES.” Assume that 40% of the U.S. population supports Trump. a. Define a binary random variable, Y, for supporting Trump (Y=1) vs. not (Y=0). Calculate the population mean (????????) and variance (???????? 2 ) for supporting Trump. b. Calculate the sample mean ????̅ and the sample standard deviation of ????̅ (????????̅ ) for the poll. c. Calculate the standard error of ????̅ and construct a 95% confidence interval from the poll using ????̅ and its sample standard error. d. Conduct a two-sided hypothesis test at 5% significance level to determine whether 40% of the U.S. population supports Trump. State the null and the alternative hypotheses, calculate the test statistics and the associated p-value, and conclude. Is the Fox News survey reliable? Why? Why Not? e. Suppose that you wanted to design a survey that had a margin of error of at most 1%. That is: the difference between the upper bound and the lower bound of the confidence interval should be a maximum of 2 percentage points. For example, for ????̅ = 0.52 you are aiming for the 95 % CI to be [0.51 0.53]. How large should n be if the survey uses simple random sampling?
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4.In a one tailed test, the stays the same as a two tailed test but the changes in a subtle ...

. The null hypothesis // alternative hypothesis b. The alternative hypothesis // the null hypothesis c. H1 // H0 d. Null and alternative hypothesis // assumptions of the test
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