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1. A tree grows at angle of 87° in Kayleigh’s backyard. Kayleigh wants to know the height of the tree. ...

ee. She walks 65 m from the tree and measures an angle of elevation of 35° to the top of the tree. How tall is the tree?
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2.The angle of depression from the top of a lighthouse to a raft on the water is 33o. The angle ...

evation from a seagull on the water to the top of the lighthouse is 38o. If the distance between the seagull and the raft is 7m, then what is the height of the lighthouse? Use the sine law to answer the problem.
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3.Im confused on this question and my teacher is not here today the question is The belfry of brutes tower ...

ower in Belgium leans at an angle of 15degrees to the east {this is the angle from the vertical). The tower is 83 tall. Of you are standing 68m from the west side of the tower, calculate the angle of elevation from the ground to the top of the tower.
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4.Find the area of a circular sector with a central angle of 7(pi) over 6 and a radius of 12 ...

memphis, TN and New orleans, LA lie approximately on the same meridian. Memphis has a latitude of 35°N. find the distance between the 2 cities. (the radius of the earth is 3960 miles.) Adam stands 30 ft from the base of a building and measures the angle of the elevation from the ground to the top of the building to be 57°. How tall is the building?
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5.1. A stone, projected with speed v at an angle of elevation alpha from a point O on the top ...

ff, hits a small object A at a horizontal distance a from O and at a vertical distance h below the level of O. A hit is also made if the stone is projected from O with speed v at an angle of depression given by (90-alpha). Prove that v2 + ga cot(2alpha) = 0 and h + a tan(2alpha)=0.
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