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3.I'm stuck on this problem regarding finding the speed of a cart moving down and then up a slope from ...

rest. The current unit that our teacher has us on so far is centripetal motion, and I can't recall being taught how to solve this. File attached below shows my work so far, I don't necessarily need the work done for me, but I just want to be put on the right track, such as an equation to start with or what I need to look for. The answer I got was clearly incorrect for part a (which is what I need help with), so please help me get going in the right direction.
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5.I need some homework help with algebra 1 practice problems. I would like the answer to the problem and a ...

nd a quick explanation if possible! The pictures I attached are all the problems!
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6.I have an online math test coming up, and I am totally lost in the class. The way my test ...

it will be assigned to me at 1pm on 4/10/20 (this Friday) and it will be due by 2pm. So I will need someone helping me from 1-2pm so I can complete it on time. To be quite frank I will need someone to just solve the questions for me so I can turn it in on time. I would like more sessions in the future to actually help me work through it. But for this test I need to just see the how the problem is work out. I have attached some files of example questions of what you can expect. But again, these are NOT the questions I need solved. I will not have those questions until the day of the test. So I need someone who can complete problems of this caliber quickly. Thank you.
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7.I am practicing finding the relative maximum/minimum to prepare for my upcoming exam. I wanted to see if someone can ...

e if someone can work through the problem that I have attached to make sure I have completed it correctly. I have about 10 minutes to review this question, would love some help reviewing my work to make sure I am accurate. Thanks!
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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