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Based on the normal model n describing iq scores what percent of the people s iqs would you expect to be


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1.Based on the condition of Secretariat, how would you expect his oxygen binding curves for fractional saturation of oxygen to look ...

saturation of oxygen to look in comparison to normal thoroughbreds? Draw out oxygen binding curves for Secretariat vs typical thorough breds. How would the curve look (ie: sigmoidal vs hyperbolic, expected p50 values)?
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2.Hi, I've been trying to figure out what should be the simplest of formulas for over an hour now. Take ...

e a look at this spreadsheet so I can properly explain: Ok, so for the sake of simplicity We'll just go with row two here. Cell A2 represents the hours worked freelancing, where B2 is for the minutes of the recorded time frame. C2 is the net amount earned in that time. Over in cell N10 I need to figure out an equation using the =SUM() function (treats it as a normal math problem) where it prints the hourly income based on those three integers. I'll admit i was never great at math, but in my defense I've been up since 6 am yesterday (currently 3 pm) and have been running solely on caffiene and nicotine haha... The sheet is editable and I can see any changes you make in realtime. Is there any way you could help me out on this one? It's for a work report type thing.
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4.A gunner in a shooting range is shooting a gun with a misaligned sight. As a result, the bullets ...

rike the target in approximately a normal distribution, centered 4 inches right of the center of the target, with a standard deviation of 1 inch. Based on this information, we can estimate: 68% of the bullets land between ________ and inches to the right of center; 95% of the bullets land between ________ and inches to the right of center; ________% of the bullets land between 1 and 7 inches to the right of center.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics