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Why Online Tutoring?

Because that’s the trend and also the need of the hour. Post the covid pandemic, it was necessary to adapt to the new situation so that the education of the students is not hampered.

The tutors had to upgrade their teaching methods and look for new resources. With everything shifting online, learning has found its way too.

In the past year, online tutoring has deepened its roots and proved to be an equally efficient and productive way of learning. Hence, with the changing ways in which the students prefer to study, it is important for the tutors to take up the challenge and shift to where the students are waiting for them.

3 Benefits of tutoring with TutorEye

Begin your online teaching journey in subjects you are passionate about.

ways to student success

Great Pay

ways to student success

Flexible Hours

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Flexible Location

TutorEye is an ideal online learning solution for students around the world. Our online tutors are highly qualified subject matter experts who are available 24/7 to connect with students for their online tutoring needs. Within minutes of signing into our portal and raising a homework help request or online study request, we match the best available tutors to help our students. Join our team today and help make a difference in the world.

How to become a tutor at TutorEye


STEP 1 : Submit your Application on TutorEye portal

Are you interested in tutoring with us? Submit your application on our portal and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you’re a right fit, we’ll conduct a subject test consisting of 30 MCQs or you need to write a plagiarism-free essay in case you are applying as an English tutor.


STEP 2: Undergo a simple approval process and get verified

To become a tutor at TutorEye - we conduct internal checks. We’ll verify your qualifications, certifications, teaching experience, proof of education, address proof and even ID credentials.

In order to enroll, we’ll ask you to also submit a signed copy of TutorEye service agreement. This is done to provide a safe learning space for all students.

Written Help

STEP 3: Induction and on-boarding process

Get familiar with our process of conducting LIVE sessions and Written Help, designed to help our students. To enhance your teaching experience, TutorEye provides you whiteboard training using classroom tools to conduct interactive LIVE sessions. We’ll have multiple practice sessions to ensure you are ready to conduct your first class. Once you are set, we’ll activate your profile- happy tutoring!


STEP 4: Set your schedule

Sharpen your profile by setting your availability. Power up your profile by giving us a profile video that brings out your personality and a bio that describes your teaching experience. You’re now good to engage with students to help them resolve queries.


STEP 5: Happy Tutoring

Encash your knowledge by accepting instant tutoring opportunities and homework help requests. Congratulations! You are a certified tutor at TutorEye now.

Reviews from our virtual tutors


“Working at TutorEye is an exciting and a great experience! Earning is good with plenty of opportunities to enhance your skill set and perfect your craft!”




“Overall a great place to work with a chance to utilize my knowledge to help students excel in studies. Timings are as per your convenience and I simply love working here!”

Justin S.

Masters @ Florida State University


“It's been a really amazing journey so far, everyday I have been helping students as well as learning at the same time all due to this wonderful platform, Everyday I get opportunities in interacting with students, and each day is challenging , a new chance to push myself one inch more every now and then, thanks to TutorEye. I would like to especially thank each and every member of our team in offering support whenever I needed. I am really happy to be part of TutorEye family and wish to build a long term relationship in the days coming ahead"! I am so happy to be here!”

Ravi K.

Master of Technology @ Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad,India

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