SAT Math Formula Sheet

SAT Math Formula Sheet to help you ace the math section

On the SAT exam students are tested on a vast range of math concepts. In some cases, one can get simple math problems from elementary school but in other cases some difficult questions from senior year curriculum of high school. Therefore, the variety of questions and the fact that one has to remember a lot […]

10 Best Ways to Study Biology Effectively

10 Best Ways to Study Biology Effectively

Biology is a novel subject that introduces you to the science of how various living organisms function and their various bodily functions. It offers great insights into how a single cell functions, as well as how a large forest ecosystem runs. Great professions await students who embark upon the study of biology for the long […]

Role of AI & ML in defining the future of e-learning

Role of AI & ML in defining the future of e-learning

Computer science as a subject has gain popularity over the last few decades and in today’s world, due to impact of COVID-19, it has become an essential component of a student’s life in school & college as well as professionals as all types of jobs today require some understanding of computer science. But from April […]

In-person learning

Is the world ready for in-person learning?

In-person learning, real time between teachers and students, was the primary mode of learning for school & college students around the world up till March 2019.  Things around us changed overnight due to COVID-19 and demand for online learning peaked starting April 2019. The world has already seen what the first and the second wave […]

SAT test prep Guide

SAT Test Dates 2022-23 – Full Guide on deadlines, fee & more.

SAT is an important exam for anybody looking to get admission into a college in the USA or Canada. The scores have a great weightage in determining whether a college accepts you or not. In other words, it is a way students can show to a college that they are already for college life. The […]

online chemistry tutor

Top 5 Challenges That School Students Face in Learning Chemistry

Chemistry is not easy – there we said it! (hearing this makes you jittery?) Most successful chemists state that they need to be very disciplined with their studies. Many even claim to have applied several strategies to get better at it. And all of them helped them gain deeper insights into this subject and gain […]

Ultimate student guide for learning the periodic table

Imagine going to a supermarket with no separate departments for different items like groceries, clothes, and toys. Not even racks that place the items based on different sub-items like sugar, fruits, cereals, etc. Doesn’t that feel unorganized and messy? The different elements of chemistry were somewhat like that until Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev created a […]

Reasons why students hate math

Why students hate math & how online tutoring can change that

There are two kinds of students, one who loves math and the second who hates math. We assume the reader is someone who hates math. If you love math then we would love to have your views in the comment section below – feel free to drop some quick tips and tricks to solve math […]

How to ace SAT test in 2022.png

10 tips to ace SAT in 2022

Administered by the College Board, SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test. It is widely used for undergraduate college admissions in the United States and many other countries to test student’s aptitude and college readiness. The minimum SAT score requirement varies for every school. In addition to the SAT scores, colleges and universities […]

how to get good at math

Here are the 10 ways on How to Get Better at Math

The US stands 38th in its ranking among the 72 countries that participated in the survey regarding the math performance of its school children. The study was conducted by the  Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2015. But, given the increasing importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education in the most promising careers, […]