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10 Major Differences Between Millennial Vs GenZ

What is the difference between millennials and GenZ?

Millennial is the group of young adults born between 1980-1995 and GenZ are born between 1996 and 2014. The millennials are the working ones and GenZ are the studying ones. Millennials have seen the world getting digitized whereas GenZ is born in digital Arizona. The same is reflected in their study patterns.

Here are the top 10 differences that we can evidently witness in the study pattern of Geniuses Millennial and GenZ where traditional learning has got transformed into online learning.

Talking about the study curriculum, education has evolved over time. From writing on stones to getting storage over the cloud, things have changed very drastically. Millennials, the individuals who are born between the 1980s-1995s have witnessed the transformation from landlines to sleek mobile phones grow in front of themselves.

According to Brookings Edu, they compose of 25% of US population and are now the young parents of alpha and GenZ kids. The latter is a pool of individuals who are born between 1996 and 2014. According to Statista, they compose around 27.7% of the U.S. population. 

In this article apart from their age and composition, we will be focussing on 10 behavioral differences that make them unique from each other, especially with respect to their study pattern.

1. Internet Dependancy

The people born in Generation Z are wired! They are equipped with gadgets and today in order to live they require food, water, clothes, shelter with internet and smartphone. The gadgets are not the luxury but part of their necessity.

From tapping to nursery rhymes on YouTube to getting online learning lessons has gotten feasible. According to IBM report, 15,000 people ages 13 to 21 spend over 70 percent of their time online. Whereas Millennials have seen no internet era. On one hand, where GenZ prefers online learning on their Ipad, the millennials have completed their education by attending classroom lectures with handwritten notes.

online learning

2. Decision Making

According to one of the podcasts by Ryan Jenkins, 71% of generation Z said they believe the phrase “If you want it done right, then do it yourself.” The generation Z likes to decide his own path and that is why now students prefer to choose their own curriculum, subject, time slot and in fact teachers!

3. Communication Mode

According to one of the writings in Business2community, 53% of Generation Z prefer in-person communications. They prefer to keep their communication short and structured with face to face interaction.

Whereas millennials were habitual of getting communication flow through a decided structure. That is the reason why students are now more vocal with their doubts and queries which they want to get addressed by one on one interaction with the teachers. This approach has led to the demand for online learning where they feel easier to ask doubts about online tutors at live sessions.

4. Multi-tasking


Generation Z is the one who you can see watching Netflix, with sending Snapchat to his best friend while doing homework at the same time. The digital natives are so comfortable with the technology that they can do multitasking all at the once. While millennials prefer to work in a proper systematic frame with a sequence.

Today it is normal to see the student getting online homework help at one platform in the same time frame where he is also revising his notes.

5. Embedded Learning

Generation Z, as mentioned above is a multitasker. In today’s fast-paced life they do not prefer to sit, pause their activities and take time to study. They want to learn on the go!

With the technology, they have found different ways of learning. They like to study through online media as per their availability. Talking about millennials, they had a fixed schedule, and curriculum to follow.

6. Passion Followers

My heart wants what it wants is the bottom line of every GenZ kid today. They want to pursue their passion as a profession and that is why they are more vocal and bold about their passion and subject preferences.

Even if they are in junior school, they are quite clear with the vision of what they want to do and what makes them happy. Maybe that is the reason why in fact now students are searching for music lessons along with math help online.

7. Individualistic Approach

92% of the kids from generation Z have their digital footprints and prefer to have their “own ” element in everything. So is the case with the studies.

GenZ prefers to study with personal attention in their own designed curriculum at study slot, unlike the millennials who studied in the classroom culture along with the other 50 students. They need attention, time and focus from their teachers and due to this on-demand learning has got massive popularity.

Moreover, GenZ are smart enough to know how they can make the most from online tutoring and upGrade themselves.

8. Experimental

In one of the blogs, I came across the fact that-75% of Generation Z say there are other ways of getting a good education than going to college, according to Sparks & Honey.

GenZ likes to try new learning models and methods. The chalk and board approach is not their cup of tea. They prefer to study in a recreational way. Online learning, live sessions, study video blogs, etc. is more captivating to them. They feel this makes the study more fun and easy and are always open to study with different means and modes. Be it online learning for homeschoolers or AR embedded lecture.

9. Study Budget


The teens of today are more concerned about their spendings on the study as compared to millennials. Gen Z is attracted to purchases that maximize the value of every dollar, whereas millennials are more interested in the entire experience. This is the reason why they are more into online study resources which are pocket-friendly, time-saving and rich in media and knowledge.

The millennials on the other hand in their school time preferred to study with the proper infrastructure that cost more dollars. However, Genz in terms of gadgets will most probably portray opposite behavior patterns.

10.  Ideology

Millennials were the optimistic ones whereas GenZ is realistic. The latter is living in a world where they have access to each piece of information and know from the sd truths to fascinating realities. They know what and when to do to get the result they wish for.

GenZers do not work on the expectations but the realities of life. They know the pros and cons of everything. They prefer to study when they want to not when they have to.

In The End

As discussed above, the two generations have covered the journey from blackboards to digital whiteboards. They both have gained the traits influenced by the accessibility and availability of digital infrastructure in their times. Online learning has become so much in demand that it is expected to surpass 325 billion dollars in 2022- Forbes.

Both generations are closely connected to each other. Both are now highly dependant on IoT. The only difference is that millennials used to scribble the chalks on the board in student life are now presenting PPTs on skype. GenZ, on the other hand, is sitting at his home choosing his own teacher and time slot to study online. One day they probably be teleporting themselves for the office presentations that today millennials are doing over the phone.

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