Steps for Writing a Research Paper

10 Simple Steps for Writing a Research Paper

Research papers are a part of many high school and college-level courses. And for post-graduate courses, it is mandatory to present at least one. It carries a lot of weight. Naturally, any student would like to write it well. In this article, we will give you an overview of how to do it well.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is academic or scholarly writing which focuses on a particular topic. The writer takes a certain view or argument regarding the concerned topic, provides evidence, and cites theories and facts from other reliable sources to back the same. The research paper may present an original view of the author and/or synthesize multiple views from relevant sources.

How to write a research paper?

Writing a research paper is an achievement you can be proud of. And anything worthy of being proud of takes time and effort. But, above all, you need to understand the basic framework and method of writing one. The following steps would be helpful for you:

  • Figure out the Requirement of the Paper

It is very important for you to understand the needs of it when you are writing a  research paper. Read your teacher’s instructions carefully. You should ideally be paying attention to things like the topic(s) suggested or instructed, the deadline for submission, the word count, any special instructions for presentation, etc.

  • Brainstorm a topic

It is easier when the topic or even a list of topics is given to you. But, when it’s on you, you have to come up with topics in different ways. If you have a personal favorite topic, that is great. Or you can try discussing it with your teachers and friends. Besides, the internet is always there.

  • Narrow down to a thesis statement

You’ve finalized the topic you want to write about. Great! What’s next? Now you have to further narrow down on it. You ask the why’s, how’s, etc. In this way, you can come up with an argument or an opinion regarding the subject. For eg. ‘The need for cutting down on animal-based foods can lead to a reduction in global warming.’ This is a thesis statement around which you would write your paper. Before finalizing your thesis statement, you should ensure that there is enough research material available supporting your argument.

  • Conduct research from various sources

Scanning through an encyclopedia, or Google Scholar can be a great source of finding strong and reliable research. Remember to note the sources of your research as they would help you in preparing the bibliography. This is one of the most crucial parts that would provide substance to your paper. And if you feel you need guidance with conducting research, TutorEye’s experts are always a few clicks away.

  • Gather relevant data

You may come across long research work, but you may probably benefit from just a paragraph or two of it. Make notes of all the relevant information you find and collect them all on a word document, notepad, or your diary. casino arab You can also jot down your own inferences based on what you observe and analyze.

  • Create an outline for the paper

With sufficient data, you will have ample idea of what would be the main pointers in your paper. So, start creating an outline with suitable sections, headings, and subheadings. This will help you organize your thoughts and chalk out a direction that you wish to give to your readers.

  • Write the 1st draft

Here comes the part where you actually sit down to do the long writing. You fill in the outline with research from other sources, draw inferences, and express all that you wish to express. نادي أتلتيكو مدريد But at this point, do not bother much about perfection. Write whatever comes to your mind. Do you think this article was published based on what was written at the first instance? No! It takes revision and editing. But, the first draft is to get the ball rolling.

You will be writing:

An introduction – This will include the thesis statement and provide a brief idea of what to expect from the paper.

The body – This will include all the main information that is divided into the outlined headings. Remember to add a number at the end of each reference. This would be used for the bibliography later.

The conclusion – Many students get stuck on how to write a conclusion for a research paper. But it is not that complicated. You need to converge everything you have said so far and how you stand to justify the thesis statement.

  • Edit

Having written everything, you can begin to make edits. Check out spelling and punctuation errors. Correct any information that is incorrect, or a quotation wrongly presented. Also, see to it that there is a natural flow from one paragraph to the other. Even in between sentences, try using transition words to make the paper easier to comprehend.

  • Add Bibliography

Research paper writing is considered complete only if it has a properly added bibliography section. In this section, you provide the sources of the various research and provide them with credits. This is to back up your research with verifiable proof. Use a presentation method that your teachers prescribe. yyy online casino Or else, you can use anyone available over the internet.

  •  Review

Once you are done with everything, glance over your research paper one more time. See what more you need to add, or change. In fact, you can even have another pair of eyes go over it to see if it is fit for submission. A friend or a senior can probably help you out. But, since research papers are highly technical and lengthy, you may get better help from someone professional like a writing tutor at TutorEye.

In fact, the experts at TutorEye can not just help you out with a review, but also provide you with research paper writing help from scratch. As you can see, each of the previous steps requires effort and focus, and a little assistance can help you improve it quickly.

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