10 things you should do for studying online from home

As a student of the 21st century, you must have experienced online studying from home. 

Although for some students, it wasn’t a new experience yet for many, it was a completely new exposure to a new way of e-learning. 

Last year, when schools and universities were closed, online education was the only medium to study, and as time passes; we can see a lot of dependency on it. 

So, the education system has seen a huge transition that has happened and affected the study pattern a lot. It amazes us to witness how students are liking the new education atmosphere.

The leap from books to screen and classroom to the digital classroom. Especially after the pandemic, things in education have escalated all over the globe.  

Here are some highlights that can add more clarity to you about online education:

  1. In the past four years (2017), approximately 77% of US corporations used online learning. 98% also planned to incorporate online education in their program by 2020. 
  2. Even the student retention rate has increased due to e-learning from 25% to 60%
  3. By 2027, mobile learning is expected to reach $80.1 billion. 
  4. Going by the latest stats, 49% of students have taken an online course in the last 12 preceding months.
  5. The e-learning market is now almost two decades old. 

Source: https://techjury.net/blog/elearning-statistics/#gref 

Considering these facts, you must have got an idea of how fast the e-learning market is expanding and why students of today’s and upcoming generation need to adapt to innovative and digitized learning at the earliest. 

Well, through this blog, you will know the most important things that a student should do while studying online from home. Let’s read about those 10 things:

  • Know your teachers/tutors 

When you are studying online, you kind of have one biggest advantage that is to know your tutor or choose them personally. For example, when a student studies from TutorEye, she can choose tutors depending on what her expectations are from them. The student has all the right to switch from one tutor to another, and the best part, there are different tutors for every subject. So, you can learn from anyone you wish to. The choice is completely yours. 

If you are interested in studying then you can find an online math tutor within 3 minutes , we also have math helpers to guide you on your homework questions..

  • Exercise 

When studying from home, a student’s mental and physical health matters a lot. A lethargic routine can spoil the peace, and of course, it can compel a student to be more casual about studies and otherwise. It is advised to keep a healthy routine, walk, stay hydrated and eat a protein-rich diet to stay active throughout the day.

Our students can simply draft their exercise routine by referring to some interesting and fun-inspired exercises like crisscross fit, hurdle-hops, running, jumping, skipping, squats, lunges, yoga, stretching, bear crawl, and many more. These activities will keep students active and fresh throughout their study time. Also, a student can balance these exercises easily because some of them can be done indoors and some outdoors.

  • Stay organized 

You might have noticed that a student’s table is usually messed up. Chances of staying unorganized are higher as flexibility in learning can delay a lot of things. So, it is always advised to stay more organized, make a timetable, or download one like Microsoft’s timetabling software for schools. It is an effective tool since it helps in tracking the complete management of your school timetable.

It is better because at a certain period in a student’s life, there will come a time when he/she is on their own, and nobody will ask us to get up and complete the tasks. So, why not start from today and stay aligned in life?


Stay organized


  • Self-motivation & Self-assessment 

Self-motivation is a powerful driving force for students while studying. Online learning is the most accessible medium through which you can learn to stay self-motivated. This kind of motivation is always needed in life. When a student is self-motivated, the student’s journey becomes effortless. Also, self-motivation is great because it adds more value to life. One can achieve targets easily; one doesn’t need any external help. Online learning actually prepares a student for an independent learning style. 

Also, in general we feel the biggest motivation can come from taking out time to reflect back on your work and achievements. Once you see how far you have come and how you are able to solve things faster without much effort. You will feel motivated to study and will see your scores better etc.

Another way to keep yourself motivated is to help your friends when they get stuck and this way there will be a boost in self esteem and will drive the student to come back.

  • Value of breaks 

If you are studying online at home, let us ask you a question. Do you think you misuse breaks?

You can be honest while answering this because breaks are an important part of a student’s routine. Whatever break you get, you should utilize them carefully. Don’t waste your breaks. You can either plan your breaks and dedicate them to power naps, physical activity, preparing meals (since you are home), and doing other productive activities. So, you have to make sure that the breaks are being utilized well.

  • Complete assignments on-time

Students often feel pressurized due to lots of assignments. We have often heard students complaining and that can affect their performance in class. But, have you ever imagined, if you won’t do the homework on time, it will only create more problems. So, one advice that we would like to give you is don’t put your assignments on hold. 

Finish them daily. Yes, if you need help in written assignments, we have the best tutors to do it. We are like your companions. If you see yourself stuck somewhere, our experts can guide you and revert at the earliest.

  • Wear anti-glare shades 

Wearing anti-glare shades while studying online is really helpful. There are some uses of it like less blue-light exposure, improve sleep patterns and reduce eye stains. So, when a child studies online his exposure to screen time would increase; so it can cause eyesight problems later in life. 

To prevent this, we would require students to wear them most of the time. It will be extremely useful and supportive for them.

Wear anti-glare shades


  • Learn to be disciplined  

Discipline is the most challenging part of a student’s life. In tutoring, self-discipline is not something you can learn in a day, but once you make a schedule and start following it by heart, it will help you plan the whole day. It can be difficult for a student at the start, but in the long-term, a student will internalize this process and would understand the importance of having their own schedule in life. Discipline is a way of life; it is not just a part of it and one can learn it faster through online learning.

  • Find the right chair 

Your screens can be comfortable, your work environment can be comfortable, your whole experience with online learning can be great, but if you still feel exhausted, it can be because of your chair. Yes, do you think it’s weird? It is not actually. The most important thing while studying is comfort. If you are not comfortable, it might hamper your concentration. So, get a chair that is suitable.

  • All over set-up 

With all the set-up, we mean that your table, screen size and distance from the computer should be optimal.​​ It is because these little things make a big difference in a student’s learning style. The overall set-up is important and it affects a student’s overall health as well. 

You have to take care of these 10 things. No matter what! This will help a student improve at studying online from home. If you need more assistance, connect with us to know more.

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