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10 tips to ace SAT in 2022

Administered by the College Board, SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test. It is widely used for undergraduate college admissions in the United States and many other countries to test student’s aptitude and college readiness.

The minimum SAT score requirement varies for every school. In addition to the SAT scores, colleges and universities also consider academic transcripts to understand the GPA, recommendation letters, essays and interviews while shortlisting students for admission. Besides helping in college admissions, SAT top scorers get merit-based financial aid from colleges too. So no wonder why scoring high on SAT is a big deal for high school students. 

So when it comes to preparing for it, you will want to be sure you do not miss out on anything important. Moving ahead strategically is a must. Here are 10 tips that will help you prepare for and crack the SAT for sure.

Tips to prepare for SAT 2022:

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses before starting the SAT test prep journey

Don’t just start your SAT test prep but take time to analyze where you stand today and then get goals of where you want to be. Start by taking a diagnostic test and this way you will know your weaknesses and strengths. Focus on areas that are negatively impacting your grades and keep polishing the areas that you already know well. When you know what is bringing your grades down, you will know how to work towards getting them soaring high. 

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When you set clear goals, it helps you define a path and build a strategy. Keeping procrastination at bay, it gets the things rolling and keeps you motivated until your academic goal is achieved.

Setting a goal and comparing it with your current knowledge will help you understand how much effort is needed and what type of study plan you should invest in. Also in the end, setting correct goals will help reduce  

3. Learn how to eliminate the wrong answers.

Whenever you come across a difficult multiple-choice question, you do not have to give up too soon. You can score a point if you act smart. Understand the question and remove the answers that are obviously wrong. This will make the choice easier. Check for any unrelated information to eliminate the wrong option and further you can use information from other questions for reference as well to choose the right answer.

4. Attempt practice tests to build stamina and internalise the pattern.

Consistent practice is the key to high scores. It helps retain information and improves your speed in solving questions. The more you try solving practice tests, the better you will understand the test format and have an idea about how to manage your time well. This helps save precious minutes and convert them into the scores that can have a huge impact on your overall scores. 

5. Revisit the questions you have missed during practice test 

After finishing your practice test, do not jump to the answers directly. Pay a visit to the questions you skipped in the first go. Try looking for the solution yourself. Something you put  your effort into will stick in your mind forever. And if you find a similar question in your SAT exam, you will definitely get it right this time, without a miss. When you refer to the answers, without trying first, it does not stay in your memory for long. And always remember, every single effort counts and will pay in the end result.

6. Stay calm regardless of the difficulty level of the question

If you want to make sure that you secure all the points for a question, you need to learn to stay calm throughout the exam and mind it, staying calm is one of the most difficult things that comes only with practice and meditation. So don’t panic if you miss a question or in another situation, don’t get too  excited if you know all the questions. As both panic and excitement can lead to loss of focus and hence leave room for silly mistakes. Every single question is important and hence should be handled and answered with full focus. 

While attempting a question, look out for the important key points and solve each of them step-by-step. A bit of extra attention will reflect in the results later.

7. Start by attempting easy questions and move gradually to difficult ones.

There is a reason why you should attempt the easy questions first. Once you start solving the questions in the exam that you find easy, it will make you feel more confident and positive before you move on to the difficult ones. And your state of mind plays an important role in deciding your performance in the exam. A healthy mindset does help you score better. 

Imagine if you try your hands at the more difficult questions, it will consume more time and will lead to unnecessary stress. So when you move to the questions that are easier, you tend to make mistakes that could have otherwise been avoided. 

8. Memorise the formulas & don’t leave it on luck

This will help you save a lot of time while you are taking the exam. The time you spend to recall the formulas, or deduce the correct answers by following the longer method can be saved. And that time saved can be spent on solving more questions. These things might seem too little to make a difference, but they are the ones that will distinguish you from the rest of the competition and make you stand out. 

9. Memorise the grammar rules for writing.

Even if you are good with your answers, incorrect grammar can make you lose marks. Mastering grammar rules isn’t hard, it is just underrated and often neglected. Every student out there is preparing hard for the exam. But do you know who will have an edge on the others? The one who does not shy away from going the whole nine yards during the preparation. That extra effort you put in will fetch you the marks that will help you ace any exam.

10. Keep an eye on the informal language.

While attempting your essays in SAT, how things are written matters a lot.  Using slang, chat-terminology, word contractions, in order to save time, can cost you your marks. 

Hence, you should avoid using informal language and stick to the formal version. It is more academic and also improves the word count. 

If you are finding it hard to compete with the clock in your practice session, do not hesitate to take help. TutorEye has the industry experts to guide you throughout the journey, clear all your doubts, chalk out an efficient curriculum and help you achieve your academic goals. 

Prepare for SAT 2022 with all your might and hit your dream score with TutorEye!

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