14 Homework Hacks Every Student Must Know

Did you hear about the student who ate his homework?

Apparently, his teacher said it was a piece of cake.

We are not suggesting you do something similar, but if you could identify the pain behind the humor, this blog is meant for you!

According to a survey by Stanford University, about 56% of students find homework as their primary source of stress. No wonder then that there are so many who detest what could be possibly very interesting subjects. But, there are ways to turn that around and make the most of doing homework. 

What if you had a few tips and tricks that showed how to get done with homework quickly and easily? Well, here you go!

Make notes while studying in class or during self-study

When you understand something insightful during your class, highlight the part in your textbook and make a note. This would help you understand the concept clearly. In addition, it will save you time when you sit down to do your homework later.

Begin while in school to gain momentum

Did a coach or your parents ever tell you that the hardest part is to start? Yes, once you get started with a difficult task, you gain momentum, and it becomes easier to continue doing it. So, why not start with writing the answer to just one question while you’re still in school (or while your virtual class teacher is busy taking a roll call). You can get back and find yourself already immersed in doing the assignment.

Keep your desk clean and organized

All of us know at least one such person who cannot find his/her supplies like pens, the geometry box, the laptop charger, and the like when they sit to do an important project. Is that you? Don’t worry, it is quite common. A simple habit of keeping the study desk organized and having your supplies ready can definitely reduce such unwanted irritations.

Eat something crunchy 

Often students feel drowsy from concentrating on their homework for a long stretch. If you eat something crunchy and chewy like an apple or a carrot, you can keep sleep at bay. In addition, you will also get a boost of energy and the necessary nutritional values that would keep your mind active.

P.S. We did not say something crunchy like chips.

Create White noise to remove distractions

Are you constantly inundated with the honking outside the window, or others talking and creating noise? It sure makes it challenging to focus but here is a simple hack to overcome it – wear earplugs, or listen to white noise through a pair of headphones. This is a highly effective way to cancel the noise around.

Play study music

Ever googled study music? It has fewer beats and fewer lyrics. Playing such music in the background while working on your homework can help you relax significantly.

Set Reminders

What is a good way to not forget doing homework? You can put stick-it notes around your room where they will catch your attention. Else, you can simply set reminders on your phone.

Stop Multitasking

Working on your science project, doing your math homework, cleaning your room, and looking at the soccer match – all of it at once might seem like a fun experiment, but it is an unhealthy practice. As per Forbes, “It turns out that 98% of the population doesn’t multitask very well.” And assuming that you are not in the rare 2% category, you can start practicing time management and try concentrating on one thing at a time.

Try this time management technique

Do you know what else constant studying does? Reduce your brain’s ability to focus. So you can try an amazing technique – the Pomodoro! And no, we aren’t talking about the sauce. It is a time-management method where you study for 25 minutes at a stretch followed by a 5-minute break. You can schedule stretching, taking a walk, and even drinking water (a habit many students need badly). You can repeat 3-4 such 30 minutes cycles followed by a longer break of 15-20 minutes.

Try this work allocation method

Have you experienced confusion over which task to do first and which one to save for later? Here is an effective method that will answer your question. The Eisen Hower method suggests that you draw a table with 4 quarters. They will be categorized as:

  • Urgent & Important
  • Urgent but not yet important
  • Important but not yet urgent
  • Not important & not urgent.

Try this exercise now and see how easy it becomes for you to choose your priorities.
choose your priorities

Use energy management techniques

While time management is essential, we do not always feel our best to do things at any given time. While some are night owls, others are morning larks. So, it is only wise to take that into consideration and plan the tasks accordingly. You can schedule the difficult tasks at a time of the day when you usually tend to feel energetic and do easier tasks at times when you can manage easier tasks.

Besides, you can try starting with easy tasks to get you going and later pick up difficult tasks to not feel overwhelmed. Or you can do the opposite – start with the most difficult task and get it done first so that you can relax and do the rest of the work leisurely.

Take up group challenges/ competitions

The question of how to do homework faster does not hound you alone. Quite likely, your friends are in the same boat too! So, why not team up with them and get into a healthy competition. Challenge your friends to do homework fast. This spirit would help you to lift each other and have fun while doing otherwise boring homework.

Review your homework after it’s done

Often students are in such a hurry to complete their homework and move on to run for the class, that they pay little attention to reviewing the homework. The result – they miss out on correcting silly errors. Do not make this mistake. All you need to do is take out a few extra minutes to go through your work one last time before submitting it.

Ask for support

While your homework is for your development, remember that you are not alone on this journey. Your family and friends care about you and would be willing to help you find answers to those difficult questions. Reach out to them. But remember that they may not always be able to help you due to their limitations with time or knowledge, and you can get help with homework online.

TutorEye is one such place where you can find qualified subject experts willing to assist you by providing homework help. We have subject specialists for English, Math, Sciences, Computer Science, and many other subjects for K-12 and college levels. In fact, whatever time it is on the clock, your homework worries need not wait, as some or the other expert would be available to help you. They will not only tell you about how to get done with homework fast but offer you practical step-by-step guidance to complete your homework. All of it without resorting to any sort of copying or plagiarism.

It may seem like a small piece of homework, but it counts. As Thomas A. Edison put it, “A genius is a talented person who does his homework.” 

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