Online Tutoring

13 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is the Best!

Even though the COVID pandemic played a major role in the prolific rise of the virtual classroom phenomenon, we are not unfamiliar with the fact that edtech has always had the potential to boom beyond limits.   So when the coronavirus was crippling the education system all over the world, putting the future of students in […]

Solving quadratic equations by Graphing

Solving quadratic equations by Graphing | Free Math Class

In the series of classes on solving quadratic equations, this time we are writing on the graphical method and once again we are assuming that by now you have a strong grip on solving quadratic equations but the factor method and using completing the square technique. In case you are interested in a quick recap […]

How to solve by completing the square.

How to solve by completing the square?

A complete guide to solving quadratic equations by completing the square method.  We are starting with an assumption that you have learnt how to solve quadratic equations using the factoring method. In case you want a refresher on the factoring method then check-out our free math class on solving quadratic equations by factor method. This […]


How to Factorise Algebra?

Let’s start by understanding factors. “Factors” in the simplest terms can be thought of as the numbers we can multiply together to get another number.  Examples of Factors: 2 × 2 = 4, in this case 1 and 2 are factors of 4 2 × 3 = 6, here 1, 2 and 3 are all […]

What is dyscalculia?

Best ways for parents to help a child with Dyscalculia

The discovery of “Dyscalculia” dates to the year 1949 and it is a type of learning disorder, but it specifically deals with a disability in math and anything math related. The word Dyscalculia is a combination of the prefix “dys-” which in Greek language means “badly” and the root “calculia” in Latin language means “to […]