Calculus Formulas

Calculus formulas for all your calculus problems

What is calculus? It is a branch of mathematics in which we analyze how the rate of the dependent variable changes with respect to the independent variable. In simple words, calculus is the study of the rate of changes. It has been divided into two branches namely, differential calculus and integral calculus. Differential calculus deals […]

14 Homework Hacks Every Student Must Know

Did you hear about the student who ate his homework? Apparently, his teacher said it was a piece of cake. We are not suggesting you do something similar, but if you could identify the pain behind the humor, this blog is meant for you! According to a survey by Stanford University, about 56% of students […]

Chemistry Formulas

Common Formulas Used in Chemistry – High School

Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and behavior of matter. Among the core science subjects, Chemistry holds an intermediate position between physics and biology. Students up until high school are introduced to general science and depending on the school curriculum and the student’s interest, specialization such as chemistry can be taken by 10th […]

Top homework help websites

Top 5 Homework Help Websites of 2022

As more and more of the population is getting vaccinated and governments around the world are easing the restrictions around COVID-19, we are simultaneously seeing an increase in schools & universities opening again and welcoming students back to the classroom for in-person learning.  The last two years have been extremely difficult on everyone including students […]

Fundamental Concepts of Physics you should know

4 Fundamental Concepts of Physics you should know

You surely know that if you throw a ball, it will eventually go down, but did you know why this happens? You will get the answers in physics. You get to learn about the various basic laws of physics that you may be experiencing without having a full understanding of them, for example, gravity in […]

Statistics Formula Sheet

Statistics Formula Sheet – Your answers to all stats homework questions

Whether you’re studying for a stats exam or just curious about data around, a statistics formula sheet can help you solve all the questions as well as collect, organize, analyze and interpret the meaning behind the data . As per linkedin data, in 2014 Statistical analysis was the hottest skill that got people hired. In […]