languages in computer science

Ten most common languages in computer science

Right now you’re reading this in English. But do you know that teaching the computer how to convey the blog post to you, involved several processes? And to teach the computer to follow our commands, we have several languages. These languages help us perform tasks using computers like building websites, creating apps, analyzing data, etc. […]

English literature degree

Ten career options for students with English literature degree

Anna’s first love is reading classic English literature. Her love for prose and poetry naturally draw her to take up English majors in college. But, she is soon faced with questions about what in the world is she going to do with that degree! What do you think she replied? Well, Anna is smart and […]

ways to complete homework fast

Ten ways to complete homework fast

When you try to unfold students’ lives currently pursuing grade school, high school, or college, their most common struggle would be doing their homework. The existence of homework made students consistent with their studies to help them engage with concepts regularly. But let’s be honest, homework is close to a burden most of the time.  […]