Fundamental Concepts of Physics you should know

4 Fundamental Concepts of Physics you should know

You surely know that if you throw a ball, it will eventually go down, but did you know why this happens? You will get the answers in physics. You get to learn about the various basic laws of physics that you may be experiencing without having a full understanding of them, for example, gravity in this case.

What is Physics?

Physics is one of the broadest areas of study, especially in the field of science. It deals with the study of the physical things around us and how they are impacted by the forces and energies in the universe. 

But there is much more to the subject than merely understanding basic physics concepts. If we take the same example we shared initially, do you think we can find out how far the ball will go when we throw it? Where will it exactly fall and touch the ground? How much time will it take for it to reach the ground? Yes, it involves a lot of mathematics, but physics will have answers to both – the theory as well as the calculations. Such sciences can be used in various activities, such as sports, manufacturing, medicine, and even our day-to-day life.

Let’s take a look at the 4 basic physics concepts that you may enjoy learning, or benefit from in your studies and life.

  • Classical Mechanics

Classical mechanics is one of the foremost things one studies in Physics. The 17th-century physicist, Sir Isaac Newton is credited with discovering how gravity works and how the laws of motion work.  It deals with how different physical objects move or stay stationary in response to the force applied to them. bs dating portale

You will learn about various concepts here like, velocity, acceleration, displacement, etc. Using this knowledge, humankind has been able to decipher how to make engines work, bullets fire, and even understand how the planets rotate and revolve.

  • Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism is the study of how electrically charged particles behave and waves move and interact. It is a combination of learning how magnets and electricity work and are, by principle, similar. Both electricity and magnets need positive and negative charges to work.

Have you ever wondered how your home appliances like microwave ovens, doorbells, and ceiling fans work? Thanks to physics, and especially the concepts of electromagnetism, these inventions were made possible to make our lives easier. In addition to home appliances, several electric trains, x-rays, large communications and industrial devices use the electromagnetic principles of physics.

  • Thermodynamics

William Thomson is known for discovering the laws of thermodynamics in the mid-1700s.

Thermodynamics is where you study how heat works and brings about changes in matter.

Have you ever tried rubbing your hands fast on a cold winter morning to find heat generating from your palms? That is thermodynamics at play!

Study how physical bodies move, melt, solidify and change form depending on applied heat. Besides, you also get introduced to temperature, work, energy, and more.

  • Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is the study of the physical properties and behavior of atomic, sub-atomic particles, and the like. In this science, the measurements of the properties are rather taken as probabilities, than absolute figures.

A large part of quantum mechanics is still under research. But, it has active applications in optics, cryptography, thermodynamics, computers, etc.

Is it challenging to learn these concepts?

To take an example, every year 57000 students take up AP Physics: Mechanics in their high school. Around 3/4th of the students pass it. So, physics is certainly not an unpopular subject. And to be able to crack the physics exam, you may have to devote a significant part of your day and study with a plan.

A degree in physics can open the door to some of the most lucrative careers in the field of science. For example, you can become an astronomer, a research scientist, a design engineer, etc. So, maybe your effort is worth it.

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