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5 Smart Ways to Make the Most of Online Homeschool Programs

“When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is inevitable” – Elizabeth Foss

The atmosphere indeed has a sharp impact on the growth of children. But COVID-19 pandemic is not coming to an end and families around the world are still grappling. This is now escalating stress and anxiety among people. Students are also affected due to school closure and now parents are trying to create a calm and studying atmosphere for them.

Results of a national poll by the American Federation for Children revealed that 40% of families are more likely to choose virtual schools or online homeschool programs after lockdowns end.

Parent’s paramount concern is their child’s education. But their major focus is protecting them from this coronavirus. Families are not ready to send their kids back to school. Thus, they are turning towards digital platforms or online tutoring websites.

Like traditional times, parents have been teaching their kids about nature and the environment. They have been reciting stories to keep their kids entertained and motivated. Not abandoning the idea that they have been struggling between their jobs, household tasks, and their child’s education. They have been facing several problems such as:

Worried About Finances and Maintaining Balance

As most industries are temporarily closed, this has led to a stoppage in the work and a feeling of anxiety among people.

According to the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index report, 47% of parents said that their ability to effectively do their jobs has gotten worse over the past few weeks.

They are worried that their household can not carry on without additional financial help for more than two months. Almost all families are anxious about maintaining their lifestyleWork Life Balance

Managing the Work-life Balance

Maintaining a balance between work and family is a tough row to hoe. A recent Newsy/Ipsos poll found that 47% of fathers reported that their children are impacting their ability to do their work effectively.

It is hard to continue to work from home and to cope up with the academic curriculum of their kids. Well, a child requires complete dedication and concentration while learning. This is why the majority of parents whose kids are in elementary or middle-school grades are enrolling their kids on online platforms for coaching and training.

Children’s Learning

The continuous intellectual and emotional growth of children is the need of the hour. But the question is how to achieve this. Most of the parents are working and do not get enough time to spend and teach children. They are afraid of enrolling their child on virtual platforms for learning. Many people have heard the conversations of people around them and they also start believing in those myths. One should not believe statements that have no proof and know the truth behind those homeschooling myths.

Well, you should know what and how this process works. One must be familiar with the pros and cons of any method before mentally ranking it. Let’s have a look at these points.

A report by Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) stated that almost 375,000 K-12 students attended online schools in 2018-2019.

This indicates that a large number of people are opting to trust online tutors for homeschooling.Homeschool Programs

Homeschooling can be conducted in two separate ways i.e. Traditional and Online. Well, a traditional method is more like classroom training going on at home. In this methodology, a parent or a private tutor provides knowledge about subjects on the board. Here, a student gets to experience the atmosphere of a physical classroom.

But on online platforms, technology plays an important role. Here, a student can get instant help without waiting for the next day in case of any doubts or problems. The tutors will directly interact with the student in a one-on-one session and teach on a digital whiteboard. Learning this way helps students to grasp and easily understand things.

This is how a child can make most of the affordable and accredited homeschool programs:

Find the right fit for you

There will be many options available for you to learn online, but finding one that meets your child’s needs is difficult. Choose the best program to meet your child’s needs, interests, and learning style. First, find out your child’s learning style. Make sure you select a platform that offers 24/7 help, live study sessions, detailed instructions for homework, and assignment questions.

Create your own home study space

Understand what type of environment works best for your kids. In which environment do they understand things quickly? Then set up a dedicated learning environment where they can access high-speed internet. There should be space to keep books and stuff in an orderly manner. Make sure that your children study regularly at this place so that it becomes their routine.

Set and follow a schedule that works for youWork Schedule

Nowadays everyone can access the internet from anywhere. So, why are you still following traditional rules like logging for certain hours? Do not limit yourself and your child, let them study at their favorite time. Well, many programs are flexible and offer you the opportunity to learn at your preferred time.

Access and learn from anywhere

Do you know that Albert Einstein gave the theory of relativity while taking a shower? It shows that our mind works faster when we are in a calm state. The same is the condition with the students. Many platforms provide 24/7 support from the tutor. Therefore, children can ask their doubts at any time of the day. Maybe your Einstein gets questions in the gym. So, instead of waiting for hours, he can get immediate help and make his life easier.

Avail one-on-one session

Your kid must get the space and time to interact with the teacher. It becomes difficult in regular classrooms. There are several reasons for the communication void. Some students might hesitate to ask queries in front of their peers. But in an individualized session, only your kid will be interacting with the tutor and can clarify his/her doubts. In these sessions, the tutor will interact and assess where your child is lacking and will fulfill the gaps. Thus, online reliable sources provide a lot of things that they cannot get in their homes or regular classrooms.

The crucial part is selecting the best online tutoring website that is the right fit for you and your child. Taking time to choose the best platform instead of opting for two or three is completely fine. Put your complete efforts into the process and make it worthwhile.

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