How can you boost your income by becoming an online tutor in 2021?

Do you dream of teaching students and making a meaningful contribution? If yes, then becoming an online tutor and boosting your income in 2021 is something that’s worth a shot and can be a game-changer.

If you cannot commit a great number of hours but academics is your forte, then too online tutoring in general can prove to be a great side hustle for you.

Today parents and students both need as much virtual help as possible to address the learning needs and to come to terms with the ‘gap’ that has arisen due to the pandemic.

Amidst all this uncertainty, this is a eureka moment for those who are planning to Origins of the Opioid Crisis: Purdue Pharma Knew of OxyContin Abuse in 1996 but Covered It Up buy andriol the strongest legal steroid, best anabolic steroids tutor online.

Few online tutoring platforms like TutorEye have helped a lot of tutors around the world in establishing themselves as a virtual tutor

So what do you need? All you need is a command over your discipline and an inclination to teach. Sounds easy? Right. But, hang on, and let’s map this journey together.

For starters, online education opens a lot of opportunities for those looking for self-employment. So all those who enjoy working from the comfort of their home, this is a moment to seize.

From the business point of view, as per the report by researchandmarkets.com states online tutoring services market is projected to grow by USD 12.81 bn during 2020-2024.

With the COVID-19 situation still looming large and the experts weighing how long it will last due to new strains, find ways to boost your income as e-tutoring is here to stay.

Setting the context

One of the ways to become a ‘self-preneur’ is by opting to become a tutor on a website. Tutoring online offers you a chance to become your boss and set your schedule!

Even those who do not wish to go for a full-time tutoring job, just relax as this allows you the flexibility that you need.

Tutoring online is the ‘in’ thing today. Parents need help in these tough times. Even celebrities are venting about the horrors of teaching their children on social media.

Becoming a tutor online, while the coronavirus continues to rage war with new strains is akin to being a savior in these tough times. Tutoring online gives one a chance to make a difference, and share knowledge with the students.

Besides, it lets you earn the extra money in your spare time and at your convenience. One can tutor online to encash one’s knowledge and help a student.

According to grandviewresearch.com, the global online tutoring market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 16.1% from 2020 to 2027 and it was valued at USD 4.81 billion in 2019!

Moreover, tutoring platforms are growing leaps and bounds and will continue to grow as the current trend indicates. So are you ready for the ride?

Finding Your Groove & Doing Your Research

It all sets with a SWOT analysis of your own-self. So do take out time to find your niche and give it some thought. Having a passion and turning it to a ‘vocation’ is a different thing altogether. So brainstorm, discuss and follow your ‘gut’ instinct.

Get ready to know the tutoring trends on the web. This will help you make a career in a field that is competitive and requires perseverance on your part. To generate revenue you need to do a little bit of R&D (Research and development) activities on your part.

Make a list of all questions and identify what you are good at and what would make the most sense for you in the long run. Start with some simple questions such as:

  1. Which subject would you like to teach?
  2. What experience and qualifications do you have for teaching that particular subject?
  3. Which grade level do you wish to teach? 

Assess your expertise level whether you will be comfortable teaching primary, middle or high school. Alternatively, you can also help with SAT, ACT test preparation or assist with AP courses! 

  1. What mode of teaching do you prefer? Are you comfortable with a live interaction or you want to help students with their homework and assignment questions?
  2. Do you want to teach homeschoolers? 

Many parents prefer homeschooling and there are sites that have e-tutors to educate students that study at home. If this is something that you like, you can go for it. According to Forbes, analysts say that there could be a rise of hybrid homeschooling and as parents struggle to home-educate their children they will look for viable online affordable options.

  1. What is your teaching style and how can it change based on individual student needs?

According to VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write and Kinesthetic) learning style- there are different kinds of students who have a unique approach to learning.

Becoming a virtual tutor entails knowing your target audience. If you are an experienced teacher you would know each student has a different learning style.

Some are outgoing while others are shy, so invest time to know Generation Z and Generation Alpha. Know their learning style! This will help you to be a better tutor as apart from being friendly you need to know how they respond to technology.

Getting Started

One of the benefits involved in becoming a virtual tutor is the low cost that is involved in the process. All that you need is :

  • a laptop/ smartphone
  • a good internet connection
  • an audio-video device.

No commutation charges, no relocation fear as the student community base stays with you. You can be anywhere on a hilltop, in a retreat and still have the liberty to teach any student in any corner of the world (provided you have the internet connection!).

Once you know your niche, you can work on building your profile in that space as it will help you stand out. Here’s what you can do: You can use resources like Quora to build your profile as a freelance tutor along with  polishing your linkedin and social media profiles. 

Choosing an Online Tutoring Platform

young tutor

There is no dearth of online tutoring websites but you should choose the one that is a right “fit” for you. Right fit for you could mean a lot of things such as:

  1. You may choose a platform based on alignment between your values and the online tutoring platform’s vision & mission.
  2. You can choose a platform based on its popularity & focus in a particular subject which happens to  be your expertise area too.
  3. You may choose a platform based on the overall company reputation and the quality of current active tutors. 

This means you may have to do some reading and research before shortlistings the platform you may want to apply to. 

This is a highly competitive space where the emphasis is on “high-quality tutoring.” A tutor’s chances of getting selected for an already established player that are already crowded-out should not deter one to try and “make it”.

Your chances of succeeding are also more with the upcoming but reliable brand names in the market.

Beginning the journey with a simple sign-up

All you need to do is sign-up as an e-tutor on a website that provides online tutoring services. Besides subject-expertise and a passion to teach, most tutoring websites require a set of credentials or qualifying criteria.

Some sites also have screening criteria and you need to qualify a few rounds of the mock session before you can start teaching.

What you need to ensure is that you practice video conferencing and get accustomed to the whiteboard. After you qualify for the verification process, you are good to go.

You can also check the web to get ample information, reviews, and testimonials about the ways you can enroll. This will ensure that you know how to go about finding an online teaching job on the internet.

Many websites have space for tutors to register themselves online. But before you do that make sure that you read the fine print and know all about their requirements and how the payout process.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Oh Yes! Let’s talk moolah. A little heads-up, just like any other profession or business you need to be dedicated and build your profile before the ‘returns’ start coming in.

The earning will depend on a person’s qualifications, previous tutoring experience, and certifications. This also depends on the class or grade level one undertakes to teach. Yes, make sure you have everything in order.

However, you can also start tutoring even if you do not have previous experience but  a word of caution, you will be paid less than your experienced counterparts. But hang on! Like a true American, you can make it happen for yourself.

If one is teaching a higher level then it stands to reason that she/he will earn more for that tutoring session.

The math is also simple: you can earn as much as $50000 if you are in the top 10% or roughly $26000 in a year if you are at the bottom 10%.

Apart from this, there are many tutoring platforms so make an informed decision about signing up as a tutor with any one of them.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, one should not sign up with more than three tutoring websites.

Check out tutoring website policies, if the platform pays more for foreign students than regional ones, and also what is the mode of payment eg: paypal, bank transaction, etc.

Even if one devotes 4 hours per day, one stands to earn extra income, as much as $80. Annually, one can earn up to $36k in the United States!

But the payments will also vary based on the subjects:

According to bridge.edu, you can earn anywhere from $12-$25 USD per hour  and also more as an online English teacher!

On average a Math tutor earns approximately $15.34 per hour and a Science tutor can earn upto $20.96 per hour in the United States!

So how much you earn will differ from platform to platform and from subject to subject. Also, the number of hours you are willing to put in matters in the long run.

For instance, as you teach more- you also perfect your craft, and hence, you will have a bigger student-base in the long run.

Now let’s get informed about how online tutoring platforms payout the tutors:

  • Revenue-Sharing Model

Most tutoring platforms allow their tutors to keep up to 40-60% of the revenue earned.

It is a commission-based earning as the decided amount is deducted from the tuition fee paid on the platform.

One can simply register and start earning for the number of hours the tutoring service is provided.

Here, you can also work as a “freelancer” and set your terms.

  • Salary Model

Here, tutors are hired online as salaried teachers. They can be paid daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly depending on the tutoring platform.

The only difference is that one is an active tutor on the web rather than an offline regular tutor here. It is like a salaried employee who gets paid at regular intervals. Which means you work as a regular employee day-in and day-out!


Let’s recap!

  1. Need for high quality online tutors is growing and if you have the knowledge and required skills then becoming a virtual tutor in 2021 can mean extra money for you and a great amount of help for parents who are looking for ways to engage their kids in the age of coronavirus.
  2. Becoming an e-tutor is easy and the cost to entry is very low. Once one needs a computer/smartphone, good internet speed and knowledge about the subject to get started.
  3. Before starting your journey as an online tutor, it is important to conduct a SWOT analysis of yourself and also do some market research about the online education trends. This way you won’t end up getting disappointed and feeling lost.
  4. Choosing a good and reliable online tutoring platform is must! Your success as a teacher depends a lot on the company you work with & their tools and technology.
  5. The money you make will depend on your experience, the subject you decide to teach and the platform you choose to teach on. 

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