Boost Your Mental Wellbeing During The Times Of Corona Virus

Boost Your Mental Wellbeing During The Times Of Corona Virus

Online Tutoring Is Providing Hope To Millions Of Students Amidst Corona Virus Scare

Let’s celebrate the mental health awareness month with gusto. It’s time to recognize neurodiversity! This year’s theme is ‘kindness’ and as students,  parents, and caregivers, we have a responsibility to look after ourselves during the times of corona virus. 

In these uncertain times, online tutoring is a beacon of hope and a bridge to address learning gaps. The corona virus pandemic has gripped the world, and it has impacted our young student community as a whole. COVID-19 has led to school closures, students are inbound in their homes and many have witnessed disruption to their daily schedule.

Many students are grappling with anxiety along with their frazzled parents. Children battling with depression and other mental health conditions are also in a fragile state. Parents are also finding themselves as accidental homeschoolers and this is leading to stress and tension in the household.

According to UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund), more than 1.5 billion children and young people are impacted in 188 countries due to the school closures caused by the novel corona virus.  This itself accounts for almost 90 percent of the global student population! Hence, the United Nations is also advocating alternative learning as the mental health of the child is at stake. 

Most importantly, it is during this time that learning should not stop. Hence, online tutoring is an alternative that is offering hope and allowing many parents to keep their sanity intact. It is enabling them to cope during this pandemic.

These are difficult times but there’s a lot we can do to give a boost to our child’s mental well being. Here’s a list of tips to help you stay UpGRADED:

Tip 1 Make A Study Schedule:

Make A Study Schedule

A study schedule contributes a lot to overall mental wellbeing.  Having a regimen of any sort helps you stay organized. For learners as well as parents, opt for online tutoring and schedule an appointment with a tutor. 

Connect with your tutor who matches your study needs. Learn about new things and concepts. Your tutor can help you take your mind off coronavirus scare. All you have to do is make a time table and stick to it.

Tip 2: Learn New Things Online:

Learn New Things Online

In the absence of schools, online education is a sure way to fire up your mind. Learn whatever you want, co-create the curriculum with the help of your online tutor.

Find out all about viruses from your online biology tutor. Take an English lesson and get essay writing tips from a subject expert. Your online tutor will make lessons fun and interactive.

Learning new things rejuvenates the mind and rewires your brain.

Tip 3:
Practice Mental Math To Boost Emotional Wellbeing:

Boost Your Math

Did you know doing mental math is linked to emotional wellbeing? You can stave off depression and anxiety by doing Math. At TutorEye, we have a hub of excellent online math tutors that can make the subject cakewalk for you. 

Yeah! Take charge of your emotional health by doing mental math activities. Get tips from your tutor to make math easy and fun. Studying can take you to the land of possibilities and what’s more, there is no homework stress.

Tip 4:
Explore Whiteboard Learning:

White Board Learning


Are you feeling listless and overwhelmed? We have something for you to try. Take our live study session to enter a virtual classroom. In case you are missing your school routine, we can cheer you up.

Online tutoring is here to bridge the learning gap during the times of corona virus. In our live study class, learn the tricky concepts and get started on a digital whiteboard. You can draw, upload files, chat, and watch your tutor explain concepts on an interactive whiteboard.

The learning session will transport you to the realm of concepts and formulas. Replay your session afterward to revise difficult concepts.

Believe us, learning has never been this interesting before.

Let’s Wrap up

Learning is the only way that can help us from getting overwhelmed. It offers hope in a tumultuous time. The current situation has built up a lot of anxiousness and increased irritability among students.

So let’s make this mental health awareness month a success in the times of corona virus by being kind to each other. Online tutoring is offering families a way to combat stress and anxiety in a world plagued by Corona virus. Let’s UpGRADE and continue to rise and meet the challenge.

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