Physics formula sheet

Grade 12 Physics Formula Sheet | TutorEye

Get ready to master the Grade 12 Physics formula sheet to ace the examination! No wonder Physics is one of the most feared subjects among students. It requires a detailed analysis and understanding of the concepts. So if you are one of that Grade 12 student, you are in for a treat. Learning important concepts […]

English vocabulary

5 Top tips to master English vocabulary

Vocabulary is the essence of English. In order to get mastery in English, you need to be friends with vocabulary and we will be learning how to do that with ease with help of your online English tutor Importance of English Vocabulary English is a global language. According to one of the reports by, […]

100 Most Interesting Study Facts you need to know in 2020

Facts always surprise us to believe in the things that are too amazing to be true. Check out these 100 facts to blow our minds to a different level. EDUCATIONAL FACTS Projections show that e-learning market worldwide is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022- Statista About 65 percent of faculty supports the […]


Top 3 Lessons for Students from the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King

Though he may be dead, he lives in all of us today and continues to move us to our very core and spirit. Here are Top 3 Lessons for our students from the life of an influential civil rights leader and a truly charismatic personality. # Lesson 1 “Intelligence plus character — that is the […]


Most students are usually so excited about AP exams and they forget what it really means. AP exams are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, but their complexity to reach a certain number can be difficult to interpret, especially because the rating differs between exams. For students close to the first AP test, […]


Many students are scared of solving mathematical problems especially those with large numbers. There are various techniques to solve a math problem with ease and speed. These techniques can help students boost their confidence, improve in math skills, understand and excel. Math problem may be solved in different ways. To improve on the speed you […]

Study Guide – Get An Excellent Tutor for Your Child

It is not an easy task to make young students to always pay attention to the class. Teachers usually work in cooperation with the parents in order to try to solve this issue, and even working together might not be enough to help your children not to fall behind from the rest of the class. […]