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College Board Scholarship Program: Get The Special Classes to Crack the Exam

The College Board Scholarship Program has brought great news for the high school students of the class 2020 in the United States. The program offers a chance to transform the diligent hard work of aspirants into scholarships of nearly $5 million. The time duration of these scholarships will be on a yearly premise beginning from the class of 2020.

The procedure required to get the College Board Opportunity Scholarship is very basic.  Students are supposed to study and prepare for exams like SAT or improve their GPA score which will be considered for this program. This implies that there is a brilliant opportunity to get a scholarship dependent on test rewards that they are already working to apply in universities.

College Board Scholarship Program is a full proof method for all aspirants to get motivated and succeed in their careers. There are six steps in all which give a chance to earn $500 to $2000. In case the students are able to complete all six steps then there is a chance to earn a scholarship of $40,000. The list of those six steps is:

1.  BUILD A COLLEGE LIST: Sign in to the College Board account and look for colleges on Big Future and save all of them on the list. Add at least six colleges in your list. Your choices in selecting the colleges can be based on many factors. The only thing that matters is that they must be a suitable fit for you.

The colleges must match your interests. Consider things like GPA score, major subjects, and other specific goals while making the list. You can earn an entry after adding a minimum of six colleges. You can also update your college list in the later months. The total number of scholarships awarded for this step are 700 and the total amount for completing this step successfully is $500.

2. PRACTICE FOR SAT: Practice for SAT in a way that you can focus on all that is important to get a high score. The students in the class of 2020 can use TutorEye special classes to earn a scholarship worth $1000. The total number of scholarships for practicing will be 1,500 starting from January till October 2019.

Practice as much as you can with the TutorEye online special classes to crack the College Board scholarship program. This special class has many questions, videos, practice sessions which help in improving the SAT scores.

 3.  IMPROVE YOUR SAT SCORE: Hard work always pays off and in this case, it will help in improving your SAT score. The online special classes can improve the SAT score up to 100+ points. This improvement will enable to get a scholarship worth $2,000. The total number of improvement scholarship offered will be 150 from March 2019 to December 2019.

It is necessary to be aware of the SAT test dates so that the preparation can go forward accordingly. Although there is no minimum SAT score which is needed to get this scholarship, but the key is to practice and then improve the SAT score by 100 or more points.

4.  STRENGTHEN YOUR COLLEGE LIST: Post building the college list, it is now time to strengthen this list. You must be clear about the colleges in which they wish to apply. A perfectly balanced list will include a minimum of 3 reach, 2 match and 1 safety college to earn an opportunity of winning a $500 scholarship.

A total number of 300 scholarships will be awarded right from August to October 2019. It must be ensured that the list has six colleges even at the time of updating the list.

5.  COMPLETE THE FASA: All the aspirants who fill the free application for federal student aid will be eligible to get a scholarship of $1000. This will open in October 2019. The College Board will a total number of 800 scholarships right from October 2019 and to January 2020.

6.  APPLY TO COLLEGES: Anyone who applies to two or more colleges will get a chance to earn a scholarship of $1,000. The College Board will give out a total number of 500 scholarships from October 2019 to February 2019.


As mentioned earlier, the students who successfully complete the six steps of build, practice, improve, strengthen, complete and apply will earn a chance to earn as much $40,000 scholarships. The total number of complete your journey scholarships are 25 until in number and they will be awarded until March 2020.

Online tutoring websites like Tutor Eye is providing special online tutoring classes to crack the College Board Scholarship Program. These special classes are created to help the scholarship aspirants in preparing and scoring better in their SAT. In addition to empowering the aspirants to gain knowledge, these classes are made to help them improve their scores by 100 points.

Managing towards the way of achievement, these special web-based tutoring classes will motivate the students to finish all the six stages effectively. These classes include all the particular necessities that will enable them to adapt better and become increasingly certain about their future.

These special online tutoring classes will expand your odds of having the option to manage the cost of a good college.

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