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Common Formulas Used in Chemistry – High School

Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and behavior of matter. Among the core science subjects, Chemistry holds an intermediate position between physics and biology. Students up until high school are introduced to general science and depending on the school curriculum and the student’s interest, specialization such as chemistry can be taken by 10th (sophomore year), 11th (junior year) or 12th grade (senior year) students. High school chemistry curriculum will introduce students to some fundamentals topics of Chemistry such as:

  1. Stoichiometry
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. Chemical reactions
  4. Chemical bonding
  5. Gas law
  6. Kinetics 
  7. Solutions 
  8. Acids and bases
  9. Calculating number of moles
  10. Measurements 

For high schoolers, studying chemistry formulas from the high school chemistry books is not enough. One needs to actively practice the chemistry formulas learnt in class in the laboratory to conduct hands-on experiments and gain a better understanding of how chemistry works. Students who get curious about chemistry in high school can also apply to a college for an undergraduate chemistry degree.

This blog briefly covers some of the keys and formulas useful in high school chemistry along with using the formulas to solve some sample chemistry questions and equations. You will learn:

  • Keys
  • Formulas
  • Chemistry problems with solutions

 Keys :-

Variables Meaning
c Specific heat
D Density
𝚺 “Sum of”
ΔG Changes in Gibbs free energy
ΔH Changes in enthalpy
i Ions in solution
M Molarity
m Mass
m Molality
n Moles
P Pressure
q Heat
S Solubility
ΔS Change in entropy
T Temperature
V Volume

High school chemistry formula sheet

  1. Measurement :-
  2. Calculating number of moles :-
    Calculate number of moles
  3. Stoichiometry :-
  4. Gas laws :-
    Gas LawGas Law 2
  5. Thermodynamics and Kinetics :-
    Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  6. Solutions :-
  7. Acids and Bases :-
    Acid and Bases

Free High School Chemistry Questions and Answers

(1) What is it about the ocean that makes it look blue when it reflects the sky?

Answer :- The ocean is not blue just because it reflects the sky. The ocean is mostly

blue because water itself is blue. Actually, water absorbs red lights due to vibrational transitions of the molecules, leaving the blue light to reflect back. For the same reason, large volumes of snow and ice also have a blue tinge.

Note :- If the ocean’s surface is calm and you look at it from a low viewing angle, then some of the blue color on the water’s surface is the reflection of the sky. But the reflection of the sky does not totally account for the blueness of water.

(2) What is the name of this compound?



Answer :- The given compound is “ Vinyl chloride “.

(3) What is the molecular formula and structure of pentanoic acid?


Answer :- Molecular formula of pentanoic acid is:  C5H10 O2

    Structure of pentanoic acid:

(4) The equilibrium constant for a reaction is 12. What will be the value of Go?

Answer :- Equilibrium
(5) Calculate the pOH of an aqueous solution with [H+] = 0.00375M ?
Answer :- We know that, pH of the solution is:
Aqueous Solutions

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