From Algebra-shy to Hi-Five

From Algebra-shy to Hi-Five: the story of Ellison and her UpGrade journey

Algebra is no child’s play; Ellison, a typical teenager hated it. She lagged behind in her homework and all her assignments results showed a C grade. Her confidence was all-time low when even her parents lost the patience to help her in this subject.

5th Feb 2020: Ellison took her first online algebra class with a certified Algebra tutor of TutorEye. The first thing her parents noticed after the class was that she wasn’t cribbing or complaining or even feeling irritated while doing algebra questions. It was her trial class and she told her parents very clearly that she wanted to be on TutorEye at least for three months. In her last assignment, Ellison managed to score the A grade.


Ellison was able to make the best use of her potential because

  • Certified tutors made online classes interactive and interesting
  • She got LIVE Homework help from her tutor anytime, anywhere
  • She was encouraged to ask questions and speak her mind
  • Her every doubt was answered and she gained conceptual knowledge of algebra

Her homework is complete and she is now ahead of her class when it comes to solving algebra questions. But more than the grades and her performance, what matters is the confidence she has gained in this difficult subject. She is no more Math-shy person; she appears happy while doing extra questions in Algebra and other mathematics topics.


Guess who is happier?

Her parents!

They have realized that it is better to take the help of professional tutors of TutorEye for other subjects as well. When it comes to homeschooling, expert help is better rather than wasting time by trying to do it on your own and messing up your relationship with the child.

Moral of the Story: Experts help is very useful for kids with their all academic needs.

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