Get Dressed for Halloween & enjoy a Free class at TutorEye as a treat!

Get Dressed for Halloween & enjoy a free class at TutorEye as a treat!

While COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on everyone’s life, specifically our mental health, some groups like frontline workers, students, and those with pre-existing mental health conditions, were affected the most.

As per the October 2021 stats from UNESCO, over 58 million learners in the United States of America are still impacted by partial school closures due to COVID 19 and are at high risk of falling below the minimum expected proficiency levels. Prioritizing education recovery is a crucial agenda item for everyone from school districts, to government and private education companies like TutorEye. We are constantly looking for ways to help close the learning gap and support mental health issues faced by students in school and college.

A recent effort done by the TutorEye team in October 2021 was organizing a free panel discussion on exam induced stress and importance of mental health. The recording of the workshop is available on our YouTube page and there are some great tips from experts on handling stress in general and how to stay strong during high pressure situations.

Now, as we all know that it’s that time of the year when kids get treated for dressing up in their spooky attires, so we at TutorEye are also ready with a Halloween surprise for our students. 

For Halloween 2021, we want to keep the learning environment fun for students and allow them to stay with a spooky theme even when they are studying for exams or waiting help with homework. TutorEye is all set to make this day even more memorable for learners! 

We know the kind of excitement that each one of you holds for Halloween and we are trying to level up your happiness ten times better! Are you curious to know how?

Since TutorEye is always planning something crazy for the students because we love how our students wait for the festivities and enjoy it with us. And even this time, we have something really special for you all. 

On 31st October, dress in a Halloween costume, get your hair done and wear the most striking attire that has a sprinkle of spine-chilling creativity touch. You can wear some of the best cartoons like princess, ninja, ladybug, Edna, Elsa or dress in your favorite character or any other Halloween costumes including a funny and scary combination. So, make sure when your teacher sees you, they also get freaked out after all it’s Halloween! 

The only thing that you have to make sure while dressing up for Halloween is that you spot yourself in the first five students on that day. If you are in the first five students attending a class at TutorEye, you will get a free online tutoring session for sure! So, timely arrival also matters! 

The whole purpose of this Halloween Celebration is to add more fun and happiness in the lives of our dear students. It is like a virtual treat from us to you! And we are hopeful that you are going to celebrate this Halloween with nothing but complimentary classes! 

So, are you ready to dress in your best on Halloween this year and get treated with a free class? 

We are waiting for you! 

Stay goofy, be ready and get treated with a FREE CLASS!

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