How Science has transformed our lives in the best possible ways?

Get introduced to the world of Science with our online science tutors.

Our life is nothing short of a series of scientific interventions. Today everything is about Science or about a quest to achieve scientific status. Look around you and notice how it is involved in every single thing that you use. Right from electricity to the functioning of our coffee makers, air conditioning, etc. all our working on the principles of science.

Gone are the days where Galileo had to prove that Earth revolved around the Sun. For Sir Issac Newton,  who was trying to figure out gravity by himself, we as students never had to wonder. Unlike Archimedes, nothing is a ‘Eureka’ moment for us. Why because we regard Science as given. It is more of a constant for us, that we do not even notice it.

We live twice as long as our ancestors, the quality of our lives is better. And, who can you give the credit to, the answer is scientific discoveries! As a generation, we all know the power of the nuclear bomb. All of us are aware of how ‘nuclear fission’ has changed the geopolitics as we know it. Computers, smartphones, Hubble telescope, just name one invention and see how deeply it involves the study of Science.

Online Science Tutors

Today when a virus has brought the world to its knees, we are taking every scientific measure to combat COVID 19

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So what will your online Science tutor do? She/he will unravel the mysteries of the subject and tell you all about the laws of motion, black holes, why viruses do not classify as ‘living’ or ‘ non- living’ category. By the end of your class, you will realize how it has transformed our world view and our lives.

World of Science

Sneak peek into the world of Science:

It is difficult to list down all scientific discoveries ( because there are so many, that you take it for granted) but here are a few of them:

  • GPS, satellites, rockets, airplanes – the so-called fundamental discoveries all were not given. In fact, a lot of scientific minds were theorizing it, some doing so even 100 years back!
  • Black holes, astronomical images, big bang- yes, you get to know everything when you have been introduced to the world of space.
  • Genetics- So did you ever wonder why your entire family has curly hair or light-colored eyes. Study the chapter on ‘genes’ in your Science book to figure out the answers. In case you need help, connect with online Science tutors.
  • Magnets, electricity, laws of motion- you name it, Science is running the show.
  • Robotics, healthcare, vaccines, driver-less cars and even the improvement of public services- guess what, everything needs the backing and understanding of Science.

The list goes on and on. Science has transformed our worldview. Come on, all the different branches of Science- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, all tell a story about the world we inhabit and the products that we use. Biotechnology and space exploration, have changed the world and inventions are part of the everyday happening.

The credit also goes to Science for having a coveted status as all the other branches try to be ‘science’ in their own right. For instance, ‘Social Sciences’ is a subject stream many opt for in their undergraduate course. Guess what! Even  Religion, one of the pillars of society, tries to give a scientific reason behind all the established practices.

Let’s Wrap up:

In short, it is a winner when it comes to transforming our lives in the best possible ways. So if you wish to UpGRADE today with one of the best tutors, do it with one of the most trusted online tutoring platforms, TutorEye.

Moreover, if you wish to transform your world with the help of science, you can connect with our elementary science tutors. What’s fascinating is that if we understand it, we can figure out how it affects our daily lives and how dependent are we on it. So keep learning and stay UpGRADED.

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