Middle School Math Competition

How to best prepare for the Middle School Math competition?

Yes, it is that time of the year when Middle School Math competition is around the corner. Like any other sporting event, there is a certain level of excitement in the air. Oh what fun it is to participate in a competitive activity!

A time when peers with similar interests and talents come together and participate actively. So if you are wondering how can you best prepare for the contest- we have the strategy right in place!

But before we begin, the competition is here to remind us that Its not all about tests and grades in middle math. Get ready to enjoy such aspects of your Mathematical education.

Here are some basic tips:

Tip 1 It’s okay not to be okay

If you start preparing for this competition and realize that you are overwhelmed, it’s okay. Here’s what we recommend- take control of your emotions. 

Remember, it is okay to get stuck. It happens to everyone. But if you are still not feeling okay, connect with a professional to talk it out. Online tutoring platforms like TutorEye, can match you to an expert in a matter of seconds. You can talk about your concerns with a Math tutor. 

Middle School Math

It’s always better to get a perspective from someone experienced. On the other hand, come back to the problem the next day or week, and try doing it all over again. Chances are you will be able to solve the problem. If not, opt for Live Study sessions and get a step-by-step explanation to your specific problem. Isn’t it easy!


Tip 2 Practice, practice and practice

You have to start somewhere. As you enrol for the competition, you need to know that you have to challenge yourself. There is no structured curriculum to follow here. But, there are plenty of resources available online. All you need to do is start practicing.

You can leave no stone un-turned. So make sure you are practising from Math books and revising the topics as you go. It’s also better to quickly go through your grade 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th textbooks and worksheets.

If you don’t understand a problem, practising on a similar one can help you nail it. In case you are confused, you can opt for Written Help and get solutions for the problems. It will help you map out the rest of the course.

Middle school math

Tip 3 Be willing to learn 

Most previous competitions have online solutions and tutorials. There is no dearth of practice material and worksheets today. Remember, the problem may not have the neat flavour or the same cut and dried approach that you are used to. So you have to be willing to try and learn new ways.

Math competition is designed to test you on your speed, reasoning, accuracy and problem solving abilities. Collaboration is the key to success. If you are still grappling with what to do, try whiteboard learning and take mock tests on online tutoring platforms and get feedback from trusted tutors. 

Tutoring can lead you to unexplored doorways and unlock key concepts, crucial for your success. Besides, don’t ignore the formulas as learning them will solve most of your problems. 

Tip 4 Time yourself to treat yourself

Time management and accuracy will decide who will win the competition. So start preparing to win the game. Do not get discouraged if you do not perform well in mock rounds. Perseverance is the key to success.

Become a member of a math club or team and participate regularly to check your progress. Celebrate every little success and treat yourself to a chocolate bar when you get it right. You need a lot of TLC in your preparation.

At times, one-on-one, personalized sessions with an expert can help you unravel the answers. A tutor can help you uncover your blind spots. Or simply point out the blinkered approach you may be following. They can time you or ask questions aloud during your audio-video learning session.

A little validation from a subject expert can boost your morale. Sometimes company also plays a huge role in your journey to reach the destination.

Do not give up at any point. If you are having a particularly tough day, talk to a Math tutor. They can give you insights and help you prepare for a competition like this. Be persistent and practice consistently.

Competition Middle School Math

Let’s wrap up:

You need to be persistent and should not get discouraged at any step during your preparation. Make the most of online resources and Math books. On the web you can access all previous competitions and the solutions.

Start preparing for online quizzes and as you get more confident increase the difficulty level. Look for solutions online and if you are not able to understand the problem, just look at the method of solving. Remember there are many ways to solve a problem.

Even if you are able to solve the problem, look at the different methods of solving the question. Keep in mind what resonates with you. You may not do well initially or may get stuck mid-way but remember the challenge lies in surmounting the difficulties.

Whether you are preparing for ‘MATHCOUNTS’ or ‘AMC 8’ (American Mathematics contest),and ‘Math League’ or ‘Olympiad’- these are aimed at promoting problem solving skills. You need to know about the rounds, time slot and number of questions asked in these contests, to give yourself a little heads-up.

Apart from regular practice, here is what you should do before the big day:

  • Take frequent breaks
  • Go for a walk
  • Talk to your team-mates  
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Get into the habit of checking and re-checking your answers
  • Wire your brain for success

Middle School Math competition is here to make you realize the beauty of Math. By practicing consistently you will be able to apply concepts better. In short, get ready to enjoy the competition. All you need is a great deal of determination, patience and an exceptional strategic ability to manifest success and win the upcoming competition.

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