How to Calm yourself in Exam Pressure

Exams could be sometime very panicking for the students as they build a fear of under-performance. To get good marks in the exam, it is necessary to study but to be calm is equally important to avoid the exam pressure and we will be discussing it in this blog how.

Why do Exams happen?

The exam is an important part of the education system. It motivates a student to learn what he has studied and then perform it theoretically and practically. It is a parameter to know how well you are clear with the concepts. It gives meaning to your study. To exemplify, it is the goal post to your football. Without goal post, you cannot goal and celebrate the victory. Thus, exams are there to evaluate what you have learned.

What is Exam Pressure?

Exam pressure is basically the anxiety that the student feels before or while doing an exam. It comes from the built-in psychological pressure that comes due to fear of under-performing or not completing the exam in time. The little pressure is good to keep the student-focused, but when it goes more than the limit, it is not healthy.

When a child is under Exam Stress he shows the signs as follows. However, you can cope up with them with the help of your school or online tutors.

How to Handle the pressure?

The pressure is basically a state of mind that needs to be handled with utmost care. The student is in a very fragile condition and in this, one needs to prep himself up. You can ask your online tutor to help you in this, or any of your confident and surely that would be a great help.

 However, here are some smart tips you can put into use.

1. Chalk out the plan

Before you start studying, know what are you studying. Mostly you fear exams because you are afraid of the topics that might appear in the question paper which you are not good with. Try to focus on those weaker points with proper learning. Get online homework help to learn more. Make a rough time table of what subject and topic you will dedicate time and how many hours. This will surely help you to calm your adrenaline if your “not-so-favorite” topic appears.

2. Meditate

Yes, the exam stress hampers your mental peace and you need to keep tat. Try to meditate. Hereby meditation I am not particularly pointing to Yogic asanas. Do something that is therapeutic to you. It could be painting, listen to light music or walking in winds on greenery. Do anything that soothes your brain.

3. Exam practice

Try to have mock exams. Ask your online tutor to set up a question paper just like it is done in an exam hall. Solve under the same time constraints. This will make our brain habitual o handle such a situation. Thus, helping you to have a known atmosphere and pressure during exam time.

Exam Stress

4. Revise

Revision is the key. The more you practice, the better you become. Try to practice the topic, again and again, ask your online tutor to provide you with homework help. Clear your doubts. Have a definite routine to revise what you have learned and what you need to put more focus on. Learn and know how to deal with your homework stress too.

5. Carry Chew-able

When you go into the exam hall try to carry some chew-able. Well, not burgers or sandwiches for sure. But carry some toffee or gum and bottled water. So if by chance you have a certain rush you can calm yourself down by sipping or chewing one. This automatically lowers down the pressure and makes you more relaxed. 

6. Get Enough sleep

Your brain is the one who is doing all the action, give it some rest. Try to have a good sleep for some reasonable hours. If you are having trouble to sleep try to listen to some soft music, have warm milk or count backward. Sleep well, especially before exam day so that you go fresh and energetic for the exam next morning


Exams are made to upGRade ourselves not to get feared off. Try to be friends with your subject and definitely exams will not be a botheration. 

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