How to Earn BIG with Online Tutoring in 2020

3Cs of Online Tutoring- Computer, Connection & Commitment

In order to earn good through online tutoring you just have to take care of the 3Cs – Computer, Connection, and Commitment. The computer or laptop that has a good camera quality with nice voice quality speaker and mic. The good internet connection that helps you to take online classes and lastly the commitment. Commitment to contribute some hours for online tutoring as per your availability and you are good to go!

The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025”


According to one of the studies conducted by Forbes the world of digital education is going to get a massive boom in the second decade of the 21st century. The figures are estimated on the basis of the calculations done in 2014 which were around $165.36 billion, according to e-learning stats. This means the market has a high potential for growth and will almost double itself in this decade. With the world shifting to digital Arizona, education has paved its way towards online education and become the demand of the time.
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eLearning is getting massively popular and we have some of the statistics and data to support the fact below. 

e-learning facts

Evolution of Learning

If we go in the time machine (let us assume we have one) let us go in the era of BC (before Christ) years back and study how the students used to learn. They used to scribble on the large stones to communicate and study. Now let us put our time machine to gear six and with full speed direct it to stop somewhere between the 1800s and 1900s, we could clearly spot the big libraries with books stacked in coordination where students came to study, write and learn. Taking our journey ahead, let us jump to the 2000s the libraries were, in fact; are still there that was a pilgrimage for all the students where there each question was provided with a solution.

The only thing is that these questions today are answered by the global digital library –the internet. Whatever solution we need, we do not search for it, we GOOGLE it!

In fact today Cortana, Alexa, and Siri are our friends that stick to us in all blues and greens.

The journey of studying from stones to clouds (internet storage) has evidently seen drastic learning patterns and digital studying is now a thing of today due to which demand of online tutor is getting popular each passing day in fact each passing hour or I must say each second!

Why there is a need for Online Tutoring?

This is the time of Netflix and chill where people even watch their favorite TV shows at flexible time slots on demand. In such a demand-driven world where even pleasurable things are not time-bounded, how can you expect a student to STUDY in rigid schedules! Today the parents and students prefer the method of embedded learning where the student can learn on the go whenever he feels like. There is no certain schedule or boundaries to get restricted while studying. With an introduction to the digital world, the students have got the power to study at ease at their preferred schedules so that they don’t feel it as an obligation but the necessity. This changed the pattern of a child towards their studies has automatically made parents happily surprised and they prefer online tutoring services for their child too.

Also, online tutoring has enabled the introverts, especially able children and homeschoolers to study and compete like a student studying in a traditional school system. In fact, the former has the upper hand as they have facilities like focused attention of the online tutor, multiple study resources and self-paced learning. It is like getting the customized study pattern and everyone loves that “my” element.

With the craze of the on-demand tuitions the tutoring center online are getting massively popular thus willing to pay good to online tutors as per tutors demanded time slots, subjects, and availability. In fact, some of the online tutoring service providers are giving major revenue portions to the tutors.

Thus, enrouting online tutoring towards the part of self entrepreneurship. (These revenue models will be discussed later in the section below). 

Set up cost

As discussed above, in order to be the online tutor you have to be equipped with the 3 Cs.

  1. The good Computer or laptop with the great camera quality that can show your smiling bright face to your student and you can have clear online classes without blurry images. Also, you need to have a good quality mic and headset or speaker. So, there is a smooth flow of communication while class is being conducted.
  2. The second thing you want to have is a good internet Connection. In the era of 5G and 6G, you cannot afford to lose a student due to that annoying infinity circle blinking on your screen. Get yourself a good internet connection setup that does not buffer or break during your classes and communication with the student.
  3. Commitment is an obvious factor that needs to be present in order to run any business or profession. You have to stick to what you have committed after ticking all the boxes of your convenience (because online tutoring is all about teaching as per convenience). If you have committed a particular study slot or project delivery you need to be on your words.

There is also a 4th C that is certification. If added, could be very advantageous as certification acknowledges the experience and increases the credibility of a tutor. It increases the confidence in the students and parents making tutors more in demand and also increase the chances of higher pay/returns. But no worries! You still stand a chance to earn well with the rest 3Cs. And we all know these 3 Cs together cost less than a happy meal per day.

Returns or Payout from Online Tutoring

As mentioned above, the three 3Cs are enough to set up you as an online tutor and then you are good to go to pursue your online tutoring profession and earn great as per your availability. You must be wondering how great it could be. Well on average the online tutor can earn 10-30 dollars per hour. Now let us build the revenue tree below.


If you provide your online tutoring services even 4 hours a day this makes 4x($10-$30), which makes it 40-120 dollars per day. And if you provide your services 20 days a month it could go up to 800- 2400 dollars per month! (Annually you will be getting 9600 -16,800 dollars) 

Now, this could be further done in two ways,

Revenue sharing model

In this, tutoring platforms like Chegg, Skooli,, etc allow the tutor to get the 50-80% of the tuition fees provided by the student and the platforms will only deduct the decided percentage from the revenue as a part of their commission. You simply have to register and then start earning on the basis of number of hours you provide for tutoring.

Salary model

Under this, the tutors are recruited like regular teachers and paid the amount on specified time periods. They are like regular teachers. The only difference is that they are providing online tutoring services rather than offline tuition’s but with one on one attention to students.

The tutors are paid daily, bi-monthly or monthly (as per the agreement of the tutoring platforms)

How to become an online tutor

You may find it repetitive but the truth is that you really need only those 3Cs. If you have them, you can register yourself on the platforms like Chegg,, Skooli, TutorEye, etc and do as follows-

  • Visit the page
  • Click on the tab of become tutor/register as a tutor or whatever tab that indicates tutor registration
  • Fill in the application with details
  • Fill in your preferred slots, subject expertise, etc.
  • Submit the application
  • Attend the interview and cooperate through the verification process
  • And then start teaching!

 Tip- Do not register yourself at more than 3 platforms to maintain good quality and smooth work balance.


The times are now changing. The practice of getting up early and commuting to school to teach the cluster of children is now getting outdated. You can simply turn the button on with the 3Cs of course and then start earning whenever, wherever you want. Imagine sipping hot coffee in the snow beside the beautiful view. You open a laptop give you half an hour. And dollars in your pocket. Yohooo!!! Well, this is not a thing of imagination now. 2020 is now making this happen in real life too.

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