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How to Hack ALGEBRA?

Is Algebra a pain area for you?

Do you see numbers flying in the sky and calculations rolling? Undoubtedly, the algebra is all about calculations and twisting of numbers but it is much more fun than what you think. If it gives you brain cramps then learn the hacks from TutorEye, 24×7 online tutoring platform. Learn to crack Algebra from ALGEBRA.

Algebra is the branch of mathematics that deals with solving pure mathematical equations. In Algebra, you cover topics like polynomials, equations, and algebraic structures as well as the terms, constructions, and concepts that arise from mathematical operations. In Algebra, there are generally English alphabets used to determine the value solved out of the equation.

Branches of Algebra are:

  • Abstract Algebra
  • Linear Algebra
  • Universal Algebra
  • Algebraic Geometry
  • Elementary Algebra

As said above, the English alphabets are used to find the values. Let us take these alphabets as tips to hack Algebra like a Maestro!

A- Apply basics in real life

Algebra Basics

Whatever you are solving, try to solve it by applying it to real-life situations. Imagine the equation as the situation and then try to solve it. 

For example, if your online algebra tutor asks you that there are X melons in the basket and if you add 10 more there are a total of 45, how many ere before? 

Try to imagine you have the melons and now solve. It would be fun and easy!

Algebra Learning

Detailed Solution:

  • Change subtraction to addition and change the sign of the term that follows. 27 + −3m+ 12 + −5m
  • Use the commutative property for addition to putting like terms together. 27 + 12 + −3m+ −5m
  • Use the associative property for addition.(27 + 12) + (−3m+ −5m)
  • Add like terms. [27 + 12 = 39][−3m+ −5m= −8m]
  • Substitute the results into the expression. (27 + 12) + (−3m+ −5m) = (39) + (−8m)
  • Rewrite addition of a negative term as subtraction of a positive term by changing addition to subtraction and changing the sign of the following term. 39 −+8m= 39 −8m
  • The simplified algebraic expression is: 27 −3m+ 12 −5m= 39 −8m

L- Learn formula by heart

Algebra Formulas

Learn the formulas that are used in algebra. If you are familiar with what the formulas are then you can simply put them into the equation and solve. Platforms like TutorEye provide online tutoring services where their online algebra tutor helps you to break the formulas and learn them for easy solving.

Detailed Solution:

  • Let c= the number of acres he planted last year. 
  • 1.5 times c is 300.1.5c= 300
  • Divide both sides of the equation by 1.5
  • 1.5c÷ 1.5 = 300 ÷ 1.5c= 300 ÷ 1.5
  • c= 200

G- Get grip on the basics

basics of algebra

Learn the fundamentals of the subject. As mentioned above there are 5 branches of algebra. Get familiar with the basics and then try to attempt the questions. If you know what the solutions are being demanded, you will take that particular approach.

This, helping you to come to a solution easier and faster. Once you held the grip of the basics, then solving would be a cakewalk. You can take help from your online algebra tutorto learn and know the basics.

Detailed Solution: 

  • Subtract 21 from both sides of the equation. 13x+ 21 −21 = 60 −21
  • Associate like terms.13x+ (21 −21) = (60 −21)
  • Perform numerical operations. 13x+ (0) = (39)
  • Zero is the identity element for addition. 13x= 39
  • Divide both sides of the equation by 13.  13x÷ 13 = 39 ÷ 13x= 3

E- Enrich yourself with practice

algebra practice

Practice gives birth to perfection. The more you practice, the better you will be at solving. Try to practice with multiple question papers. If you have any doubt, ask youronline algebra tutor. (Studying through online tutoring helps you to ask your doubts to the teacher at any point in time).

Solve multiple papers and questions to know and learn the variety. Know how you can make most out of online tutoring.

Detailed Solution:

  • Use the distributive property of multiplication.4(4x) + 4(3) = 6x− 28
  • Simplify the expression.16x+ 12 = 6x− 28
  • Subtract 12 from both sides of the equation.16x+ 12 − 12 = 6x− 28 − 12
  • Combine like terms on each side of the equation.16x= 6x− 40
  • Subtract 6xfrom both sides of the equation.16x− 6x= 6x− 6x− 40
  • Simplify the expression.10x= −40
  • Divide both sides of the equation by 10.1100x= −1400
  • Simplify the expression.x= −4

B- BODMAS is the key


If you know what BODMAS is all about and take your calculation approach with respect to you eliminate all the chances of error. Bracket Of Division Multiplication Addition and Subtraction helps you to learn how to calculate any equation. If you do not know how to crack it, ask your doubts at an online tutoring session or your mates to help you out with this.


Detailed Solution:

  • Write the applicable formula. A= 12h(b1+b2)
  • List the values for the variables. A= ?b1= 14b2= 18h= 8
  • Substitute the given values into the formula. A= 12· 8 · (14 + 18)
  • Simplify the expression. A= 12· 8 · 32A= 12· 256A= 128
  • Include the units. A= 128 cmsq

R- Revise Religiously

algebra revision

Wise always revise. Whatever you are taught in the class or at an online tutoring session, try to revise it. Firstly it polishes what you have studied in your brain well and secondly, you get used to it. As discussed above practice brings perfection.

Revise the formulas and concepts. Try to solve multiple questions. If in doubt, ask your offline or online algebra tutor and try to get clear and sharp with the concepts.


Detailed Solution:

  • Subtract 2 from both sides of the inequality.
  • 3x+ 2 − 2 < 11 − 2 Simplify the inequality.
  • 3x < 9 Divide both sides of the inequality by 3.
  • 3/3x< 9/3
  • Simplify
  • x< 3

A- Applaud yourself on solving

algebra solving

Self-motivation is the best motivation. Appreciate yourself for every question you solve. Rank yourself on the basis of accuracy, solving-time, and question quantity. Enjoy while you are doing questions. If you are unable to solve, do not get upset.

Try to start fresh and if you solve it. Be happy and start with another question. You can also give yourself chocolate at the end. (Not daily!)

algebra query

Detailed Solution:

  • Multiply each term in the trinomial by x.
  • x(5x) + x(3y) − x(7)
  • Simplify terms.
  • 5xsq+ 3xy− 7x

In the Last

Algebra is the play of numbers that could be celebrated, not solved. Do not stress yourself with the heavy formulas. Keep it simple and easy. Whenever in doubt, ask your tutors, attend online tutoring sessions and clear it. Apply these hacks. Take help from LearnEye. Come to TutorEye for an UpGrade Learning.

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