Covid 19 and study

How to keep up with your studies and be safe during COVID19

The schools are getting shut and countries are having a major lockout due to COVID19. Learn how to save yourself from this and keep up with your studies in this critical time.

COVID 19 has been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organisation). It has led to all over the shutdown of public places like amusement parks, museums, schools, etc to avoid social gathering. In the recent report by UNESCO, 56 countries have closed schools nationwide, impacting over 516.6 million children and youth. This sudden lockout has impacted the economy and at the same time student life too.

What is COVID 19?

COVID19 is a virus strain, first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, that came into notice in December 2019. It is said to be spread by respiratory droplets. It has the potential to stay on the surface for a longer duration rather than air. Thankfully, it is not an airborne disease.

COVID 19 Symptoms and Preventions

The symptoms of COVID19 may appear mild at the beginning but should not be avoided. Seek the advice of medical experts as you spot any of these symptoms and seek medication. Do not panic. It is not fatal if you are aware of it. The best cure for COVID19 is taking precautions for it. Avoid social gatherings and have a safe distance from the people. Do the following things.

Symptoms and Preventions Covid 19

Students and COVID 19

The exam time starts from mid-April to May and generally, the students are in a rush to complete their syllabus and do revision. Due to Corona, the social gathering has been reduced and schools are shut. Due to which, the students are struggling with their syllabus and uncovered topics. The students are facing a problem of whether to risk their health and go to school or stay at home safely and compromise with studies. Well, there is always a solution to a question and in these difficult times, eLearning is the rescue.

Online Learning at Rescue

Online Learning has become a major relief for the students as they can study in their home safely and get expert tutors’ classes on demand. With the help of online learning, the students can –

  • Protect themselves from social gatherings
  • Focus on their priority subjects
  • Study as per their decided Schedule
  • Have access to multiple qualified tutors
  • Complete their syllabus on time
  • Have the exclusive attention of the teachers.

At Last

This is the critical time and we all have to be together by staying alone. Let us fight this by taking the precautions. And coming to study, do not get disheartened. Come to TutorEye and sign up for study sessions. Think like you have enrolled yourself in homeschool and keep studying and UpGrading yourself.

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