How to Learn Trigonometry Functions and Formulas Easily?

Conquer the applications of Trigonometry today!

Did you wish you had a Trigonometry cheat sheet to master this subject? Don’t worry! All your questions and queries will be answered by our subject specialist, Nitesh Negi, in a LIVE Trigonometry Webinar on 4th February 2021 at  10:30 am (CST).

Whether you love or hate Trigonometry, we have answers to all your questions. Here is your chance to find out answers to the sin, cos, tan problems that have plagued you since the beginning. 

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Who all will Benefit from this Webinar?

Come one, come all! If you are a working professional, teacher, parent homeschooling your child or anyone with an interest in Trigonometry, we’ll be glad to have you on board.

Moreover if you are a high school student this webinar is for you! Students from 9th-12th grade will be the biggest achievers as all your queries on identities and theorems will be answered by an expert professional.

How will this Webinar help you?


If you wish to upgrade your Mathematical skills and learn trigonometric functions, identities, and applications, this webinar is for you. Moreover, get expert tips on how to tackle tricky questions. 

You will also learn what role Trigonometry plays in our daily lives.  Overall, by reviewing the fundamentals and learning the study hacks, you can surely score better grades in your exam. Get ready for an exciting session where you can master the basics of the subject in no time.

What can you Expect?

Be prepared for a 30 minutes intensive session highlighting basic concepts and applications of trigonometry. Nitesh, your tutor will also conduct 10 minutes one-on-one questions and answers round. So attendees, rest assured you stand a chance to get an answer for all your  questions and get trigonometry help from our best tutor.

What’s more! We will have MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) round for  the live audience. No need to hesitate, ask all your doubts and we will make sure you get your answers.

Spoiler: Watch out for this space to know more details about the link and recording of the webinar.

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