How to make summer 2021 fun for your kids? 

Tips to make summer 2021 easy for parents & keep it fun & productive for kids

 Summer break might seem like the perfect opportunity for parents to spend time with their children and maybe even go for a family vacation. But the reality is different this year due to the pandemic situation and travel is not anymore the first option for most of us.

Also it may  be very hard for parents to take time off as summer months may not necessarily mean slow time for their full time jobs. For working parents who have to attend important meetings, meet work deadlines, and work late nights, summer break can actually cause unneeded pressure and stress.

In this article let us take a look at the most common challenges parents come across during kids’ summer vacations and moreover how you can turn them around to your (and your kids’) advantage.

First, let us see the challenges:

1. Having to hear: “I’m bored” all the time.

I’m bored

The school break seems like a good time to the kids for having fun. But without a routine and purpose, fun only lasts for a few days. Soon the children turn to you to seek entertainment. But it’s their summer vacation and not yours. You still need to work!

2. Increased  Screen Time. 

Increased Screen Time

What adds to kids’ boredom are the limited options to pursue outdoor hobbies in 2021 due to COVID-19 and hence they switch to watching TV, playing video games, or spending time on the internet. According to research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, excessive screen time can affect children and teenagers physiologically and psychologically.

3. Expensive Childcare Services

Expensive Childcare Services

The first thought nuclear families get when faced with the crisis of taking care of children during summer vacations is to look for childcare services. Because the majority of children are not in school, childcare centers are in high demand from parents and guardians.

Inevitably, they raise their summer daycare fees, putting a strain on parents’ wallets and the affordable options seem to always be full way before you start to think about summer vacation. As per the latest stats from Pew Research Center, roughly half of employed parents with children under age 12 say that it has been difficult to handle childcare responsibilities, up from 38% last March.

4. Severed Parent-Child Relation

The increased expenses, added workload, and kids’ unending tantrums more often than not make the situation a perfect cocktail for parents’ angry outbursts. Parents feel as though they are not doing enough and easily get overwhelmed.

This calls upon the children’s well-being too. Another research showcases that when employers deny their time off requests, this negatively impacts their relationship with their children and makes them feel “like a bad parent.” This causes a lot of pressure for parents and especially working mothers as they try to balance the family time and office.

With all the above challenges, let’s have a look at some ways you can survive the summer holidays if you are a working parent along with accomplishing the following:

  • Engaging your child with options at the comfort of your home.
  • Channelizing their energy & screens time towards productivity things.
  • Achieving all of the above at an affordable price to help you strengthen the bonding with your child.

Here are the ideas:

1. From virtual summer camps to online language learning classes

Summer camps have been a thing of the summer season & a fantastic concept for kids, especially when they are tailored to their needs & interests. Kids can learn while playing games and taking quizzes. 

Thanks to the pandemic that now we have a number of virtual summer camp options available at the comfort of our home.  We, at TutorEye, are launching our first ever virtual summer camps this year for elementary & middle school students. We have four tracks available 24/7 with a dedicated tutor of your choice at the most affordable pricing. We hope to build more based on the demand & feedback from our students & parents. 

The primary reason why we created our own summer camps is after hearing feedback from parents about the options available in the market today. Below were few common issues that were highlighted to us by parents:

  1. Virtual summer camps turnout to be as expensive as the local summer camps nearby.
  2. Many parents can’t enrol their kids into summer camps as parents have a schedule and it is hard to change the schedule based on the time slots offered by the summer camp.
  3. One to many students is a good idea but students who are shy may fall behind easily and rather than enjoying the camp, students might end up getting overwhelmed.  

Hence we created a solution that solves all these problems just only requiring a few clicks to get your child enrolled.

According to Northwestern University’s study, speaking at least two languages is known to improve one’s focus and attention. So if your child is keen on learning a new foreign language? Then leverage these summer 2021 holidays and school break time to feel proud as your child converses in this new language and impresses everyone. 

Who knows, if they develop an interest in it and use it for their career ahead in life! Once again you can find a lot of virtual language learning programs and apps available but we, at Tutoreye, offer spanish learning classes that are paced on your child’s learning speed and style. Once again all this is available 24/7 with a personalized subject matter expert of your choice at the most reasonable price. 

2. From reflective prompts on trying new things to fun prompts that focus on favourite memories.

Ask your kid to journal about his or her experiences at camp and share it with you at the dinner table. This will help your child come to a deeper understanding of some of the most valuable lessons they’ve learned as well as help you build a better bond with him/her at the end of everyday. Journaling can easily become a special part of the daily camp routine that they look forward to doing and sharing with you.

Also your kids can share what they learnt in the summer camp with their friends and this way they will be spending a little less time on screen and  more time in building memories.  

3. From online tutoring to practice tests for your “Nerdy kid”

Congratulations! If you have a nerd at home. 

If your kid likes to stay ahead of the class and loves to take advance level practice tests then look for an online platform where your kid can learn from the comfort of your home in a manner that matches their learning style.

Online tutoring is all about focusing on a single student and helping them progress in any chosen subject. We, at TutorEye, believe summer camps can give that extra advantage to the nerdy kids that they need to score an A+ and advance their skill set.

Once again, keep your child engaged with the 24/7 online tutoring classes at TutorEye which are paced to math the learning speed and style of your child. 


Summer months and school break time can be stressful for parents with kids in elementary or middle school. Although there are multiple options available in the market from vacation time, childcare options to summer camps, there are some challenges with the time, money and method used by most companies. 

This article provides simple, fun & cost effective solutions to parents for middle and elementary grade students which help in taking away the extra stress but rather helps in building a stronger bond between the child and parents. 

Summer vacation does not sound that bad now, does it? Let us know in the comments below how you plan to make the summer break for your kids amazing!

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