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How To Make The Most of Online Tutoring Platforms During The Coronavirus Crisis

Many students are turning to online tutoring platforms to help them cope with their studies. The world woke up to pneumonia of an unknown cause and students across the world were affected due to school closures. According to, globally 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom due to the pandemic!

Parents find themselves as accidental homeschoolers, increasingly turning to online classrooms, to help them make sense of their child’s curriculum. Not only has the face of education changed globally, during the pandemic but also e-learning is the need of the hour.

Although EdTech companies have been here for a while and supplement children’s education but the coronavirus crisis has ensured it is the order of the day. As it is convenient, flexible, and cost-effective, and one of the best ways to maintain social distancing, within the comfort of one’s home.

If you find yourself wondering how to make the most of online tutoring, you are not alone. The most searched query on the web today is to look for tutoring services, apps and software that parents can download to keep their child upgraded. All you need to do is review the site and enroll your child on one platform to begin the process of learning.


COVID-19 has caused stress and a fracture in time, as things are not the way as they used to be. But here’s a silver lining, learning need not stop. Increasingly, with the help of virtual classrooms, a semblance of normalcy is returning in young ones’ lives.

Again, if you are wondering how to manage time and make the most of whiteboard enabled live session, read on the tips:

#Tip 1: Make a Timetable and Stick to it


Okay! So these are unprecedented times and there is a lot of uncertainty. Don’t fret! One thing you can bank upon is your online tutor. Scheduling classes is easy as tutors are available 24/7.

What’s more, they can even help you draw up a timetable to help you manage your curriculum. Plan your studies and get assistance from an expert to decipher the complicated subjects.

You can even draw up a calendar where you can turn in:

  • Daily assignments
  • Have your homework reviewed
  • Get your tutor to monitor your progress

Here’s how you can plan your week:

Monday–  Take up a topic or a subject you need help with and finish your reading

Tuesday– Unlock the complicated areas that you need help with

Wednesday– Use digital whiteboard as a discussion forum to deliberate with your tutor

Thursday–  Take a mock test and submit for review

Friday– Revise the topic at hand and get an assignment for the weekend

Saturday– Work on your assignment

Sunday– Review your progress

Create a schedule that suits your lifestyle and allows you to dedicate your full attention to your studies.

# Tip 2: Don’t Procrastinate

Enrolling on an online platform and on-demand tutoring has their perks. As there is in-built flexibility, one should avoid procrastinating. You need to take your lessons on time. Online tutoring sites can help you connect with highly qualified teachers.

What’s more, you can take a live study class and get step-by-step solutions for the Math problem. Do not turn away if you find a particular subject challenging. Regular tutoring is the key to master the subject.

# Tip 3: Turn off Distractions

Whether you are an elementary, middle, high school, or a college student, you have to turn off distractions. Follow a regimen and be true to your studies. Yes, that means staying away from that gossip website and checking your Instagram after every few minutes.

Close your browser windows, resist the overpowering urge to surf the web, and put your phone away. It’s time to enter your whiteboard enabled virtual classroom and take reigns of your studies.

# Tip 4: Reward Yourself on Meeting Timelines

Reward yourself to avoid burnout as these are uncertain times when the pandemic is looming large over all of us. Remember while you juggle your studies your parents are juggling jobs and home chores to educate you.

With the help of your online tutor, you can take mock tests and treat yourself on acing them. Take a day off after having a rigorous tutoring schedule and party on a well deserved Sunday break.

# Tip 5: Strike a Balance

Although the present situation is grim and overwhelming for all students, finding resilience is the key.  You need to strike a balance between your coursework and cultivate a predictable routine. You can get your tutor to draw up checkpoints that you need to touch, to finish off a subject and begin another one.

With the help of subject experts, hone your skills. Login at the right time and chat with these experts and get help around your schedule.

Upgrade your Knowledge in the Times of COVID-19

To further your education and ultimately advance in your life, you need to be upgraded and a better version of yourself. Online learning is a portal that can catapult you to great heights.

It is imperative to employ effective time management strategies to stay on top of your game.  Today, you have the resources that will not let you lag in the class. The rise of pandemic pods is a testimony to the fact that one can rise to any challenge provided one has the will to do so.

Make use of services like writing assistance and live classes to emerge a winner. A structured environment always works for a K-12 curriculum and concerted efforts always reap rich dividends.

So parents and homeschoolers, it’s time to make the most of online tutoring platforms as you have the liberty to connect with a qualified professional any time of the day.

As every day one learns a new thing about this pandemic, the onus lies on us to unearth, explore, and develop our full potential in a time like this. Let this be a catalyst to upgrade your knowledge and make e-learning a part of the ‘new normal’.

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