motivate yourself while doing homework

How to motivate yourself while doing homework

As per a study conducted by Better Sleep, 74% of teenage students feel that homework is a cause of their stress.

There is no denying that homework makes for an important part of learning and growth for any student. But, with such alarming figures, do we not need to address the issue?

There is not one, but many things that you can do to help yourself in doing homework. Achieve your homework goals and keep yourself motivated by following as many strategies as you like from below:

  • Have a healthy diet

A lot of students make the mistake of studying or doing homework on an empty stomach, and not drinking sufficient water. This is a surefire way of depleting your energy reserves fast. And that includes the mental energy required to do homework. So, have a balanced diet, eat at regular intervals, and keep having sips of water if you already don’t.

  • Have a healthy sleep schedule

Do you feel drowsy when you sit down to do your assignments? Possibly, you are cutting back on your healthy 8 hours of daily sleep routine. According to Better Sleep, around 67% of school students sleep between 5-7 hours a day owing to the homework load, and it does not help them improve their grades.

  • Resolve to work on it for “x” amount of time

If completing a homework assignment seems daunting to you, take an alternative route. Instead of committing to complete your homework, decide to work on your assignment for say 1 or 2 hours. In this way, you have a more concrete action plan. Chances are that you will complete your homework in the said period.

  • Remind yourself how homework benefits you

Simon Sinek, a famous motivator wrote a bestseller book, “Find your Why”. In it he enumerates how when you find the reason for doing something, you get the strong motivation to find out the “how” and “what” to do. Try listing the reasons why your homework benefits you. For example, it can help you achieve great academic success. Besides, you can freely enjoy playing once you finish your work.

  • Get over your FOMO for entertainment

All of us are inundated with lots of luring into entertainment in the forms of social media, online games, going to parties, shopping for the latest trends, etc. While there is nothing wrong with indulging in them from time to time, excessively giving in can ruin your studies. There will always be another interesting update, party, etc. but you may not gain the time you have to work on your homework. Get over your fear of missing out by committing to your goals.

  • Meditate

Meditation is one of the best ways to develop concentration and manage our minds. It has several benefits for students. While there are many ways to meditate, let us suggest a simple one: Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and back straight. Focus on your incoming and outgoing breath for about 10 minutes. 

  • Celebrate small wins

Homework tasks can at times be huge. But, if you are continuously working on it, you keep making progress. Do you notice that, and acknowledge yourself? Do that. Instead of beating yourself up for the undone work, see that you are winning by completing each answer.

  • Focus on “doing” & not thinking

Scores of students get stuck in the rut, striving to craft the perfect essay, and doing everything to make their project stand out. They do all the thinking and planning but fail to execute. The key to escaping the perfection trap is to get started right away. We are not suggesting you do a shoddy job, but let the thoughts not be the first ones.

  • Use positive affirmations

Some affirmations can play a great role in turning around your attitude towards doing homework. If your default thoughts are like, “Oh, I hate doing homework”, or “This homework is so difficult.”, then you should try positive affirmations. You can say to yourself things like, “This homework is simple, easy, and fun.” or “Let me explore the homework, and find solutions along the way.”

  • Have a priority list

Do you often see a pile of tasks undone, and stress yourself out so much that the pile remains as it is at the end of the day? Then you need to prioritize your tasks by the order of importance, and deadlines. Also, include breaks and fun time in your schedule.

  • Ask an expert for help

If you keep wondering, “Can someone do my homework for me?”. Well, yes! We suggest that you take homework help services. These services help you understand your assignment needs by breaking down the work. They provide step-by-step solutions which help you learn as well as complete your homework on time.

TutorEye provides such one-on-one homework help to students across K-12 and college grades for a variety of academic subjects. Students can get help at any time they want, and as much as they want. This can work as great assistance in completing homework before the deadline. So, let’s get started today!

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