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Mathematics has been the basis of many of our scientific and technological discoveries. However, for many children and adults, “math” is a four-letter word that evokes emotions that range from disgust and anxiety and for some fear of mathematics is above anything.

This anxiety is often just the fear of the unknown that is lurking. It is possible that your fear of mathematics is not due to mathematics, but to its tests in general. Although this reaction occurs in your math class or a math test, it might not have been caused by the subject itself.

Tips On How To Overcome Fear Of Mathematics

  1. Have A Positive Attitude – A positive attitude makes it easier to avoid negative thoughts and concerns. With a positive attitude, look at the positive side of life, be optimistic about your future and hope for the best. It is a state of mind that is worth developing.
  2. Ask Questions – When you take math classes, it is essential to take advantage of the college at your fingertips. Ask for clear illustrations, demonstrations or simulations of the content and keep it until you feel comfortable to move on. Do not settle for less during education.
  3. Practice Regularly – Mathematics is made up of rules, processes, and procedures. When you practice a little every day, the processes become very clear. It is very similar to the kitchen. We must add the right ingredients at the right time and in the correct order. So we can create something delicious and tend to improve with a little practice.
  4. Work With A Tutor – Work with a math tutor or other students who understand the course content when you have difficulty or when complete understanding escapes you. You might want to get a math tutor to help you understand the course.
  5. Do Not Merely Read Your Notes Over And Over – This is a reinforcement of the third tip. To be sure you understand the procedures and feel comfortable solving specific mathematical problems, you need to practice. Once you think you know the concept, you have another problem. Do another one and keeping trying until you are confident of yourself.


Mathematics is just another general education course. You do not have to be intimidated or scared of the math class, all you need is a prerequisite. You may also want to use online resources. Try our demo session and study with the best tutors online.

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