Mother Earth

How to pay your gratitude to mother earth

The reason for our existence is our parents and the existence of them is theirs. But have you wondered what is the reason of existence of us and our forefathers? Well, undoubtedly it is the Mother Earth who gave us food, water, clothing and shelter and this April 22, let us pay her some gratitude.

Why Earth is often called Mother Earth?

Like a mother that brings us to life, the earth brings humanity and all other creatures into life. Just like any mother, it takes care to feed us, protect us and shelter us for healthy growth.

Also, according to

Mother Nature (sometimes known as Mother Earth or the Earth Mother) is a Greco-Roman personification of nature that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature by embodying it, in the form of the mother.

Reason to Celebrate Earth Day?

Every year we observe April 22 as Earth Day. It was founded in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson to educate the public about the environment after a massive oil spill that happened in the backdate.

As we all know, each day we see our nature is getting deteriorated with poor air and water quality, the Earth and environment are coming in a big danger.  

22 April is celebrated to remind us how lucky we are to be on Earth and what are the ways we can pay our gratitude for the longevity of it.

Let us know some of the ways we can pay our gratitude to mother Earth.

Earth Day

Go Green

Yes, save Earth with greenery. Well, I am not here telling you all to put up the trees all around you or build a forest. But try to take care of the plantations around you. Water them regularly. Do gardening. Try to do the things that help to grow a healthy plantation all around you.

Walk or Paddle

Why drive when you can walk. The motor vehicles emit carbon which is very harmful to us. You might have studies that in your science lessons. Try to walk or ride an Ebike if possible. Firstly, it will save some pollution and secondly it would be a great body workout. Hus health and Environment both taken care of in a single go!. Even if you have to dive car, try to pool it. It is efficient pocket wise and less impact on the environment too.

Save Electricity/Resources

The electricity is generated from the tidal energy or heat energy which is afa=gain the resources of the Earth. Try to switch them off when not in use and avoid any wastages. You can step like-

  • Turn off the lights when not required
  • Close the running tap
  • Stop any water overflows
  • Avoid multiple lightings

Go Digital

Try to use digital means instead of traditional ones that include Earth’s resources like paper. The paper is made out of tress and has been one of the major reasons for deforestation that made our ozone layer deplete. 

Try to study online with electronic gadgets like whiteboards etc. Use kindle to read books. Use plastic money or scan and pay method systems. O that there is less paper requirement. Thus, less tree cutting.

Gift a Plant

It is one of the advanced things you can take from the first point. Try the methods to spread greenery. Gift plans to your loved ones and encourages them to take care of it. This will help us to bring back the greenery and also, be a long-lived gift your loved ones could cherish for a long time. Give it as a memorial on their bdays, anniversary or any other special occasion. Promote greenery. 


Mother Earth has always been very gracious to us by providing abundant resources for a healthy and happy life. However, we humans somehow lost the importance of it. It is very important to realize how crucial is Mother Earth for our existence; otherwise, some pandemic like COVID19 has to come again and again to put down a lock on humanity for the survival of earth.

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