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Many students are scared of solving mathematical problems especially those with large numbers. There are various techniques to solve a math problem with ease and speed. These techniques can help students boost their confidence, improve in math skills, understand and excel.

Math problem may be solved in different ways. To improve on the speed you need to,       

1. Have a math tutor He gives one on one instruction on how to solve the problem. You can get stuck when trying to solve a math problem and find it difficult to move to the next step. Do not skip the question but rather consult with the tutor and spend time trying to understand how to solve the problem.

2. Strive to know your multiplication times table well.

3. Know your squares and cubes for the first 30 numbers.

4. Think like a math genius and make your mind believe the trick.

5. Read, identify the problem and take time to fully understand it. This will help you know how to approach the problem. Math is sequential, it is important to understand the key concepts before moving to the next step

6. There are different formulas to approach a problem. Master your formulas well. Do not memorize the formulas but try to understand the process and logic involved when calculating.

7. Go through the process of calculation step by step. If you make a mistake, review to understand where you went wrong to become strong and to avoid the same mistake in the future

Math requires time and a lot of patience to master. It is impossible to study math properly by only reading and writing. Do a lot of practice by solving and answering more math’s problem. You will need to solve lots of mathematical problems, learn the different characteristics and importance of many ways to solve a problem. Note that practice makes perfect.

Learning different techniques for solving math problems and not relying on calculators is more rewarding. Look for strategies to improve your concentration and estimation skills. Exercise your mind by playing games with numbers to build number sense. Understand all the concepts, terminology and definitions in mathematics and do a lot of practice.

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