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How To Write Better Essays With Online Help?

“How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” ― E.M. Forster

The famous quote by Forster, an English novelist, is worth considering when you hope to write a good essay. It is an art and like conjuring magic, where you need to practice how you will spellbind the reader.

For many, essay writing is just about getting an admission into a good college or passing your exam. But, lo and behold, many students lose sleep over it. No need to fret though, just give online essay writing help a try.

Let’s have a peek into a student’s life. You have a big test coming up and you are treading those difficult waters with a lot of fear and anxiety. Why so? Because you know, there is going to be a big essay question that will account for your final grade assessment.

Now, we know that it is not every student’s forte to weave words together and craft a beautiful essay! For many students, it is a nightmare to prepare for an essay test. But, it is important not to be fearful of the essay question and how you will address it.

Still worried! Try to break it down. Essay writing is a composition of capturing snippets of time and creating word pictures. It could be a reverie transporting you to a memory lane or a brutal treatise holding a mirror to the society. But, what’s simple in this day and age of technology, is seeking online help to write better essays from someone who has learned the ropes and holds mastery over the craft.

This is where the art of crafting a written composition comes into question. Here are the top tips while seeking online essay writing service from sites to ace the game:

Tip 1: Connect with Professional Writers

Professional Essay Writer

This commandment is for all those who seek assistance for writing an essay. You need to connect with the professional writers. Not only will they provide valuable insight but also help you draft a composition that you can submit in the class. If you are still wondering what’s in it for you, then consider this, you need to understand the style, format, and nuances of writing. Only a pro can guide you when you are looking for someone to bail you out, in the hour of crisis.

Tip 2: Decipher your Type of Essay

Essay Help

As you know, there are many kinds of essays right from the one you need to submit for a college application to the one that you need to crack during the exam.

Now there are various types of essays and till you know the template for each one, you may not understand it. This is where a seasoned tutor can help you. For instance: there are five-paragraph compositions, persuasive speech, and academic essays.

Some common essay types where a essay writing professional can help you are as follows:

Descriptive Essays:

You can describe an incident as vividly as possible and create a draft out of it. Master the style and get a template from a tutor to tackle such topics. It is more like a creative writing project on your hand but with a little guidance, you will be able to get a knack of it.

Argumentative Essay:

You want to know how lawyers gear up for the court cases. Try writing an argumentative piece of writing, where you need to take a stand and have valid points to support your point of view.

This has to be backed by both qualitative and quantitative research and well, on platforms like TutorEye enabled with live whiteboard sessions, you can deliberate the points with your tutor.

Try Written Help to get the best advice on how to structure such an essay. Get step-by-step detailed instructions on how to create a skeletal framework and ace the grades in your class.

Narrative Essay:

This is the closest to a journalistic piece of writing. With the right help, you can perfect the art of narrating a story, with a clear structure and a mind-blowing suspense plot. It may appear to be a regular narrative document but an online tutor can teach you how to pack your punches and create an impact.

Expository Essay:

Have you ever dreamed of writing an expose’? It is like digging for more facts and putting your investigative skills to test. With a trusted expert, you can gain knowledge of what to consider and what to ignore, while delving into a theme or topic. Moreover, pay close attention to structure or framework to work on your ‘exposition’. Work with the best to learn this style of writing.

Tip 3: Master your Vocabulary and Practice Writing

A lot goes on behind the scenes when you begin your essay writing journey. You need to have firm command over the language and need to practice writing at regular intervals. Moreover, taking online help can give you the much-needed flexibility to choose the pace of your learning. You can practice sentence writing and engage in vocabulary building classes which are nothing but small steps for better essay compositions.

Tip 4: Focus on the Building Blocks

To churn out a good essay on the day of the test or exam is no easy task. You need to invest time in learning the building blocks. A classroom may not be the ideal way of learning for each student. Here’s what one can do in a live study class.


Put your thinking cap on and deliberate with an online expert. You need to discuss, debate, and give writing a try. What’s better than an audio-video enabled live class! Try one-on-one personalized tutoring and gain in-depth knowledge and tips to analyze a topic and what points your paper will entail.


You need to get the structure ready! It’s like fleshing out a topic, and once the framework is ready, churning out a good essay will no longer be tough.

Practice Writing:

Once you have created an outline you can ask a professional to time you and write out your essay.

[Hint: Remember to assimilate all the points discussed with the tutor!]


Take a deep breath and ask your tutor to review. Some of the best essay helpers can help you with a quick glance over. One of the top benefits is to get help fast and that too from highly reputed tutors who have an eye for detail.

Overall, if you need to avail the best essay writing service to figure out complicated expressions and topics, it is always best to seek assistance from a trustworthy platform. Online tutoring platforms like TutorEye provides written help that is customized and plagiarism-free. Moreover, it is not like providing ready-made answers but encouraging you to think and give a boost to your creative process.

Rest assured, with the help of these tips, you can gain expertise in the field of essay writing. Reach out for better grades by partnering with the best in academia. To give a finishing touch is like a masterstroke and perfecting this art is easy when you have certified online help. Master this creative form of writing by taking live masterclasses from English experts. Get an upgrade and rise to the top of the class.

Here is a quick checklist:


  • Aim for a captivating introduction. This is your chance to hook the reader and perfect it by taking online essay writing help.
  • Check your grammar with the help of online tools and review it at least twice.
  • Do not write using flowery language. Remember, simplicity is the hallmark of excellence.
  • Always create an outline that will act as a map to guide you through the process.


  • Plagiarism is a strict NO-NO! Do not copy-paste from books or passages and try to pass it off as your work.
  • Do not make up facts while writing a factual piece.
  • Do not Coronavirus: Pharma firms unveil safety pledge over vaccine anabolic steroid cycles for sale home – anabolic steroids 2020, anabolic steroids and viagra – eco warrior nederland forget to proofread your essay before submission.

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