Fundamental Concepts of Physics you should know

4 Fundamental Concepts of Physics you should know

You surely know that if you throw a ball, it will eventually go down, but did you know why this happens? You will get the answers in physics. You get to learn about the various basic laws of physics that you may be experiencing without having a full understanding of them, for example, gravity in […]

AP Exam


Most students are usually so excited about AP exams and they forget what it really means. AP exams are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, but their complexity to reach a certain number can be difficult to interpret, especially because the rating differs between exams. For students close to the first AP test, […]

AP Physics tutoring

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling in AP Physics

Before a student can consider an Advance Placement, such a student will have to peruse four options in total namely – * AP Physics 1 – Based on algebra and is all about Newtonian Mechanics. Also included in the coursework are mechanical waves and the basics of circuits. * AP Physics 2 – Based on algebra. Concerned […]

Online Physics Tutor

3 Benefits of Studying from an Online Physics Tutor

Chatting online, living online, liking online, sharing online and now studying online as well. Finding the right physics tutor online or e-tutoring from experts is a great and easy alternative to traditional tutoring these days. Students that prefer face to face and/or private tuition can also benefit a lot from this kind of arrangement. There […]